High density foam stringer

Buddy of mine wants a high density 2" foam stringer sandwhiched between two quarter inch cedar stringers. Anybody ever shape a stringer like this? My friend seems to think that he might need an additional 2 offset stringers to add strenght. I told him he might be headed to overkill witth the stringers, but what do I know. He’s about 6’4" 225 and the board will be 10’6" 24’ x 19" x 15.5 ish cruiser type longboard. Thanks Drew

There’s plenty of wood there. Spaced 2" apart will provide good support for the fin box.

Cool, Thanks Gregg Any new pics added to your gallery soon??? Great looking stuff. Very inspirational Drew

Thanks Drew! Yeah, I’ll do an update soon. For inspiration, pay Jim Phillips & his shaping bay a visit.

I have a 9’6 67 Con CC Rider with a 2" hd yellow foam stringer, my friend has a 10’ CC Rider with the same 2" hd foam stringer. Two of the best riding 60’s boards we have…

Ever get a hold of walker drew? http://www.surfboardglassing.com