High performance board for 190lber advice please?

Having board trouble at the moment. I’m currently on a Sashimi 6’2 x 19 1/2 Al Merrick, which seems to be the absolute dogs bollox which I seem to get best results on. I also have a 6’6" pintail for hollower waves but this thing tends to be more carvy than radical turns in the pocket. I used to be in the UK Rusty team along time ago and have European rankings so can surf ok. Has anyone any advice on what kind of board would suit me down to the ground and what size too. I tend to drive off my front foot, and pretty powerful but not tricky. I want to surf more in the pocket in the more powerful winter waves we have in Europe but my Sashimi becomes a little bit twitchy. Any ideas recommendations etc? Shaper feed back in the UK is just rubbish as they’re a few years behind in design etc. I’m 6’1 and no more than 190lbs (after Xmas weight!!) Any feed back would be much appreciated. Jez

to easy,your about 86 kilo ,im like 100 kilo and have no problem ripping waste high waves ,boosting,doing 3 eos ,and so on . i reckon the width of your merrick is spot on you could go 19 5/8 thats about it, say around 14 to 14 1/4 in the tail keep the tail thin and rails thin in the tail …id like to see a little more length may be 6’-4" to 6’-6"… 2 and 1/2 thickness is kool but no meat in the rails keep them thin to for sensitivity dont run to much tail rocker .your heavy you will lose drive out of turns with to much tail lift, your gonna have the power to overcome a flatter tail and some big spray will result from your turns if you want more hook in the pocket get some more curve into the outline near the tail as it runs past the front fins keep the edge nice and hard in the tail for maximum release …(unless your surfing super sucky waves then you can go a little softer in the tail) dont make your leading bottom edge to soft, if you want it to fly a slight tucked under edge up front gives a sensitive feel and good speed off the take off not to flat under the front foot or it will get in the way in the pocket .start the nose rocker from your front foot then the front will be real free…most of all run slightly larger fins coz your bigger you will load them more ,you want hold so you can hit it hard and send plumes of spray .you cant send plumes on a drifty board … hope some of this helps… regards BERT