HIGH profile team riders

Check out the list of team riders on “Evolution surfboards”


Anna Nicole Smith?!  LOL - How about DEAD team riders?

Hey, that's the way to gain credibility !


Yeah, blow the entire budget giving boards to famous crew who don't surf, because, damn those funny banana ironingboards look good in the cabinet with the Oscar...




I like the mens Tshirts at $120 a pop.

But Brukah, did you like the balsa gun ?

Funny thing, I checked the website, had a look at the balsa guns and the speel..........no mention of Wayne Lynch ! ..... they must be joking !

i like them

any other marketing speal on any other website is as equally pointless as this one. thats the funny thing about humans we are all motivated by the same shit , just use different recipies.

dont fool yourself into thinking that your own social behaviour has any more value then any other idiot .

…at least they pay fine shapers like J Phillips…


–hey Silly, your picture reminds that the female always decide about…





The Gun is unreal JKP!!!  I can remember seeing a promo video showing you and guys like Sam Cody working on the boards. It seemed like a first class deal. Can you get me a couple of Tshirts at a discount??? Maybe $90 each???

From my outside perspective, the owner, a very intense person, with goals and the resources to try to achieve them, Wayne, very laid back, down to earth, living in a surfing playground and all in a rural setting.

Wayne felt the boards should be a lot cheaper, but when the owner met Wayne on the north shore a few seasons earlier, Wayne didn’t even have money for a beer.  The boards should have been affordable for the mom and pop operations, but was nearly penniless.

Wayne hated the metropolis setting of SoCal and avoided coming the best he could, it just plain did not work out they way either of them planned.  He had family at home and regretted being away from them.

The owner all along used the best artisans of the area, paid them well for a job well done.

The public not ready for well made expensive boards

The economic firestorm was still out of sight over the horizon

750 round pins in an era of fishs and quads

Go for all the publicity you can in Hollywood

How to make a million dollars building surfboards, invest two

It’s been done before, Huntington Hartford A&P magnate = Surf Jet of Long Island, New York buys Butch, Rodney Sumptner, Catri and his team

Surfers don’t like corporate


Thanks Jim , I have little knowledge of these events , just a magic balsa gun (on loan) which will be returned  soon. ......................p.s. -- the board posted above has been guided through 25' barrells at  G-land by it's owner , and shaper

6'6 Mother of Pearl
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: MOP066
Price: $50,000.


Quantity in basket : None!!!!!


Golly I wonder why?

And Wayne has had nothing to do with it for far longer than he did...






Kayu, are those posters from your personal stash? I got this one a while back. Can’t recall exactly where or how. It measures 20" h  X 35" across. That’s the John Arnold Surfboards logo on the left.


I got em straight of a website yesterday, but you can buy reprints if you want em....there some originals around......expensive


Which website did you find them on? I have a small collection of originals dating from the Sixties and have donated scans to surfclassics.com.

Here’s a couple of my favorites. Got them for free when this movie came out. Not Sixties, but pretty classic anyway. A large poster and a handbill.


people will pay even more for a painting of a can of Campbell’s soup