hip replacments and surfing

hi, i am new here but it seems a good place to ask the question, i am 50 and have been having general pain in my thighs and groin area for awhile, to cut along stort short my hip joints are shot and resurfacing is the only answer,

i have looked on various hip sites and have generally been amazed at what people have been able to do after surgery , martial arts , marathons etc, but i can/t find any surfers ,

has anyone had this done and returned to surfing as new or knows anyone who has had it done, thanks in advance , n

Skip…posts as Epac…had both of em done and is one of the best surfers at Rincon…if he is around he can be a great resorce for this.


Use to surf with a guy that always set on his board sideways, you know side saddle, always struck me as a little funny. Well did not see him for many months and he paddeled out and was setting on his board normaly, I asked him where he had been and he told me he had both hips replaced and was really stoked because he could now set on his board correctly without any pain, he says it was the best move he had made. This does not mean your will be 100% but it will surely be a move in the right direction. Good Luck. AL


I’m 51 and had my left hip done in 05. It’s the best. I had the micro surgery with the Depuy 38mm titanium head and socket. I was back in the water in 5 month. Dropped in to double overhead waves in El Salvador last year and had no problem. I snowboard too! If your hurtin I say get it done sooner than later. Go in in great shape, it makes the rehab easier and make sure your Doc does the 2 cut micro surgery with the over size head (better range of motion and fast rehab.) Good luck.


Stryker hips are the best!!!

Ha, I work at Stryker doing R&D. Resurfacing is getting a lot of attention lately.

Best of luck.

Howzit navek, Have a friend who got 1 hip replaced and was back in the water 3 weeks after the op. He had a new type of surgery and said it was great.Aloha,Kokua

thanks for all the quick replies, my confidence in the op is high ,its good to hear from surfers who have made it back into the water,

the first indication for me that something was wrong was sitting on a 21 inch wide fish board about 3 years ago, the extra stretch in my hips was discomfortable,

i can still surf but its just painful especially when i bang down my front foot so i just try and go when the conditions are good and take a mouthfull of painkillers,

i thought my surfing was comeing to an end even though the rest of me is fit,so hopefully the op will sort it out , thanks once again , n

Be sure to contact Easternpacific via private message or whatever. He may be out of town at the moment but he is definitely getting around OK with new hips. I’m pretty sure he can fill you in on exactly what was done for him.

Hey how goes it !!!

I’m 50 and had a hip replaced 4 months ago … hope I can help with some facts and homework I’ve done.

My damage was done thru years of triathalon training and surfing … but have a few friends back on bikes and running marathons after hip replacements, after responsible and proper rehab…off course

Firstly, my specialist / orthopedic surgeon is a surfer and friend which was a big bonus for getting it right … shaping him a thank you board as we speak !!!

The procedure I had done was a “resurfacing procedure” which is a lot better for active people. This is were the ball and socket joints in your hip are ground back and capped with titanium fittings. The benefit is that if and when it wears out it’s a simple matter of replacing the capping again… all so simple, “yeah right”

The other procedure requires the removal of the ball joint, (cutting of the head of leg bone) and placing a long stem with a new titanium head in it … which is just fine if your 76 and not doing to much, why !!! because this procedure is prone to dislocation more than the other !!! … and as was explained to me, (and makes sense) the leg is a heavy limb and concentrates a lot of pivotal and rotational force around the hip joint … a bit like a slamming, swinging door’s only life line being the hinges that hold it to the rest of the house.

As my surgeon pointed out, getting rag dolled in the surf and dislocating your hip would cause serious implications especially if you consider getting pounded by the rest of the set with a swinging, dislocated, heavy limb … his sobbering prognosos on this senario went along the lines of getting found with your big toe stuck in your ear hole and both lungs full of water … hmmmmm very very painful and not good !!

The long term success of any hip replacement will greatly depend on what happens post operation …very important.

Forget all the bravado you hear about magic overnight recovery’s … bull****

The hip joint is subjected to some pretty heavy trauma in the replacement process … dislocation, ligament damage, muscle damage, bone work, surgery etc etc etc

My surgeon’s personal strict advise to me “no surfing for six months” … as he stated, there is no way the hip can recover its original state before that elapsed time … and I was a fit and healthy 50 year old pre - op.

You need to use the six months post - op to rebuild and repair damage done to hip, prior to operation, (don’t forget your hip has already degenerated and weakened thats why were having this conversation, right !) and post operation. The biggest threat to hip replacement post operation is dislocation, dislocation, dislocation… the joint and everything around it is weak and needs to be rebuilt through rehab.

You have to think long term … don’t skimp or get lazy on proper, relevent rehab … or its back to square one

Four months in and I feel great … any way sorry if some of this sounds heavy, but apart from running and surfing everything is near normal with me

If theres anything else I can help out with happy to chat, I can even go thru my shower fall 4 days after operation or even walking on the same day as the op all good stuff … anyway drop me line if you need anything

Happy dayzzzzzzzzzz


You bad man Keen !! lol

I am ‘involved’ in orthopaedic replacements and yes Strykr is ‘the one’ and its the surgeons choice of implants, or possibly it’s the most economical alternative…

In the end, its about how you’ve lived your life, genetic influence not discounted, how much damage you’ve already done to yourself, ( alcohol,drugs, diet ) and then how we all surrender to the oblivion of anaesthetic/ surgery / recovery, with any step being a potential stumbling block.

“Aforethought precludes misforutune” … the latin eludes me.


How about knee replacements? Anyone have them done a still surf.

Had my left hip done three years ago. Waited waaaay too long. (denial) Was reduced to crutches to walk. Do it asap, as the inflamatory response in the area may erode bone to the point that resurfacing may not be effective. If you have to have the total hip replacement, get the large femoral head. More suited to an active lifestyle. Good luck!

Had my Right Hip replaced in April 07, My Doc surfs so He put in the biggest Titanium unit that would fit, not only so I could surf again(#1 priority of course), but so I could return to work as a Firefighter in Honolulu.

It was the best decision I’ve made, as Ive got my lifestyle back.

I had 3 months of total Hip precautions (dont go past 90 degrees, dont point foot inwards “pidgen toes”, and dont cross midline of body with your leg)

I was surfing at 9 1/2 weeks (crusing on a longboard) and returned to full duty at work at 3 1/2 months.

I am back on my short boards and fishes and feel like a kid again.

I am 49 myself, and I think the key to recovery is to go into the surgery in the best shape you can be. Post surgery, get some rehab and work hard at it. My PT busted my butt and I think that it made a big difference.

Good luck and PM me if you have any more questions


Hi – I’ve had both of my hips replaced over 3 years ago now. I had incredibly good fortune to find the right Orthopedic surgeon to work on my worn out body. If you are interested in the program I used in pre-hab and rehab just get in touch. Basically, if motivated, you can get back what you had before, after your surgeries, but you have to work hard at it.

My parts are titanium and highly cross linked polyethylene, which has a 90% higher ware rate than the previous polyethylene. Today a lot of people are stoked on ceramic parts and hip resurfacing. Whatever parts you use, or I should say your Doctor uses, make sure he or she is a specialist in their field. Do your homework and educate yourself in procedures and Doctors. I traveled out of my area to use Dr. Robert Klapper in L.A. @ Cedars Sinai medical center. There, he hooked me up with a compatible patient who was 3 months ahead of me and was a surfer as well. It turns out we ended up surfing a couple of Longboard events against each other and have remained friends. Since then, Bill Stewart had his hip done by Dr. Klapper as well. I can’t say enough about his skill, but I know there are many great surgeons out there.




FWIW, when I said Skip is “getting around OK”, I meant to say that on a fairly brutal wilderness back country (all uphill) hike, he kicked everybody’s ass. A real tribute to the surgeon and Skip’s stamina.

hi, thanks once again for the replies, its just what i wanted to hear from surfers, i think i am lucky in the fact that the surgeon is very experianced in this field so things should turn out ok,

at first when you hear your hips are shot you think thats it game over for me, you think of old grannies shuffling about but once you read further and hear of what other people have achieved the future looks better, so i don/t feel as bad as when it was first diagnosed and should be able to return to surfing when everything heals ,thanks, n


so things should turn out ok,

but once you read further and hear of what other people have achieved the future looks better, so i don/t feel as bad as when it was first diagnosed and should be able to return to surfing when everything heals

http://www.kerlanjobe.com/index.php~practiceId=1052&dir=categories&lib=Bodyzone&categoryId=183.html http://www.totaljoints.info/ASKING_SURGEON.htm

Just been diagnosed that I require hip surgery . In total shock… I’m fifty for gods sake . Get home and after total disbelief from family including snide references from my thirteen year old get on to Swaylocks and get the information i need to calm me down .Thanks. Feeel a lot better have more info and questions to ask the surgeon when I meet him about what I require as a surfer . I just hope I am a candidate for a resurfacing . What is the cost of this procedure in the States.It seems that the advice is to do it early rather than later . My pain is minimal but discomforting . Apparently MRI revealed cartilage from both surfaces have all but gone . Anyway ,all advice welcomed.

On a cheery note I am picking up a Kelly Hydroplane clone made by Steve at Infinity-he has been amazing -from a friend who is bring it in from the states . Should be surfing it in the afternoon in sunny Cornwall…if I can straddle it



Mp cutback,dont be despondant.I’m 46,had a total hip replacement at 43.This was the best thing as i had perthes disease as a child.Yes i was worried,scared shitless of surgery to be honest,but now im pain free!!So much more flexibilty and range of movement.Find yourself a good surgeon,ask to speak with sum of his patients,not just his success stories,and be sure to get several opinions.Remember to prepare yourself prior to surgery,eat well,stop smoking(if you do),get as fit as you can(swim).After surgery,do as advised,dont push too hard,take your’e time.You will be like brand new in no time,it’s not easy but hip replacement is one of the easiest and most successful.You will recover fully at about 6months,but it depends how hard you work.I was bak in the surf at 9 weeks,my surgeon said initially 16 weeks!!This will be a life changing experience,go for it!!By the way i had mine done in australia,was insured,and it still cost me about35k,plus time off work.It aint easy,but definately worth it!!

Didn’t Bo Jackson play major league baseball after his hip replacement? I do not think he ever played football again. I think he might of surfed in one of those “Bo knows” commericials.