Hitachi Planer Adjustment KNob

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I am new to the forum and also new to shaping. I bought a Hitachi 3/4 planer but it was not a surfboard shaping model like the Clark Foam one they issued. It has a slow and unresponsive adjustment knob and I was wondering if anyone has experience with changing out the knobs from the original one to the fast and responsive one like on the Clark Foam Hitachi planer. If its possible to change, does anyone know where to get the knob?


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If you do a search there is tons of info, but in short its not just the knob, there several more pieces to that mechanism that makes it function. The post from the plate is totally different.

CB, go to; and look up the planer. There will be an exploded view of the whole tool. There are thrust washers in there that can be removed to loosen it up. Also a good supply for parts and bearings.


Don't know why the link sends you to the wrong page. Type it in yourself and a page comes up with the logo of gears and has a list of several tool makers.

You're in way over your head.  Just bite the bullet and buy one from FoamEZ or one of the other suppliers who sell them.  What you are talking about has been done by contributors on this page and it is no small deal.  If it was they would be selling the parts for such a conversion.

TBLANK, when you coded in the HTML link you spelled the URL wrong.

TBLANK, when you coded in the HTML link you spelled the URL wrong.

You can also just use the one you have. I use a cheap 50$ Bosh planer, which has the same ‘step’ style adjustments. It would be better for you to buy the right blade and use it on the planer you have so you can cross-cut the stringer. You want the blade that looks like 20 grit sandpaper, I can’t remember what it’s called… 

But honestly, if you’re new to shaping, just use what you have, at least for now. Adjusting on the fly is not easy, just use that one the way it is and leave yourself a little extra room to blend the ‘steps’ that get created by the non-modified planer with a sanding block or pad. Just make sure that if you only have the regular blade, do not cut at 90* to the stringer or you will trash your blank.

Thanks for the responses. I agree, trying to modify the planer seems like a huge headache. I might try to track down one of the clark foam ones. In response to Strange Designs’ post I am using the one I have now for skinning the deck but in terms of doing things like doming the deck or any sort of pass where I have to open and close the planer smoothly this is not well suited for that. I appreciate all the feedback.

I see what you mean that it’s not ideal, but if your new to shaping its unlikely you will be able to fully utilize the adjustment anyway. You don’t really need to adjust depth to dome the deck, you use parallel lines moving in from the rails. If you have the money to buy a second planer go for it, but you can definitely run watcha brung and still make a good board


TBLANK, when you coded in the HTML link you spelled the URL wrong.


Thank you Mr. Drums. I'm not too bright.