Hitachi Tune-up Tip

First off I completely apologize for my recent trolling and posting. Just got nothing better to do since my ass is parked after having knee surgery.

With that I knew that my Hitachi was in need of some service. The bearings were starting to make an bad noise. I did some searching and reading and went at it. One little tip that I must have missed. Before pulling the drum and motor to get at the bearings you should remove the carbon brushes. The bearing on the motor side can catch on the brush and break it in half. Taking them out is nothing, ordering new parts and replacing them can be a hassle.

Here is an online source I found that was helpful

Yeah. Anybody can take something apart. Very often that is the way it stays. Apart! Tryin’ to save $5.00 I assume. Contact Pete C through this forum and “for getta about it”. You can UPS your hitachi to him and get it back R’n’R ed in no time.

Mahalo McDing,

I have all the bearings on order as well as the brushes. Going to replace all 4 bearings and have a full set of spares for $35 off Ebay. The brushes were only $5 a pair.

I was just trying to pass on a little step that I missed that was stupid on my part.

Getting it all back together shouldn’t be a problem. Besides I can get a new planer off ebay for less than UPS to the mainland.

Thanks for the tip, like you said getting it back together can be the hard part.