has anyone ever modified a stock hitachi to work like the Clark version? can you order the parts from Clark?? reason i ask is i found a new cordless hitachi planer…

do you have a link for it? I’ve only seen the bosch

it was on e-bay

Cordless planers don’t have the charge technology for the amount of time required to shape boards on a continual basis.

well either way, is it possible to modify a stock hitachi?

Teddy: Tried that once by calling Clark. They aren’t very keen on selling you the key components (helicoid replacement shoe) to get the same depth control action. If you have the serial number from the Clark Foam ID plate on the one you are supposedly replacing parts for they might help out. The Bosch with the 6+ amp. motor is a good alternative, plus it has the reversible chute. I bought a beater Clark Hitachi and cannibalized parts from it onto a new E-bay Hitachi. Got plenty of parts now and loving the ease of blade replacement and sharpening as compared to my Skil. Good luck. Tom S.