Ho do I re-sticking a traction pad?

I need to do a repair on a crack that extends underneath the traction pad of my board near the stringer. I don’t want to buy a new traction pad if there is some way I can restick the same one. Any ideas. Thanks.

Rickdog, clean the part that came off really good so there is no dirt or sand on it then use 3M 77 adhesive spray lightly on the part and on the board. Wait 30 secs or so and press together…done. It wont come off until you want it to remove it.

if the pad is still on, it is possible to remove it by heating with a hot hair dryer , once removed the pads sticky side can be covered with a plastic bag until further use, pete

just rough up the area you’re sticking it to and go with that 3M marine adhesive…it works like a charm. just be sure that any old residue is removed beforehand.

Heat it with a hairdryer until you can lift off a corner. Pull up the corner and direct the heat at the adhesive and continue lifting. To put it back down, clean off any adhesive residue from the board and use plain contact cement. Brush it on both the pad and board. Let it dry overnight before using.

yo rickdog. trust in what i say. our factory was the biggest in NZ for a long time, we saw every kind of repair imaginable! you can remove the entire section of pad(over the damaged area) slowly, peel up-wards carefully, and use a brand new stanley blade to assist any stubborn areas of adhesive. once off, use ados (brand) “solvent-N” which cleans old gummed-up adhesive off a surface like you couldn’t know. Once repair complete, f-2 contact adhesive to both pad and board. allow to become ‘touch-dry’. then introduce together again… and that pad is back on for good mate.