things are gettin’ busy 'round here, so i’ll take time to say it now: merry christmas all and a fruitful new year-waves for all!!!

thanks for your hard work mr. paler!


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Happy Surfing,


thought of you as I passed Pitas late today. clean,clear, light offshore to glassy


Merry Christmas to all on Swaylocks. Thanks for all your help, I’ve really enjoyed my first year. Next year I may even build a board.



Yeah, I’d love to finish the three I have in various stages of glassing…

Happy Holidays Everyone.

P :slight_smile:

and a big thank you to every one for their insights into surfboard design and the contrbutions they have made to this site.
Have a great one
                                               --Merry Christmas to All !!-- 

My thanks to all of you on this forum this past year. I have been able to make 8 boards and had more fun than I ever could have imagined doing it. The knowledge passed on to others thru this forum is an experience in itself. Once again have a GOOD ONE! and be safe.