Hobie Classic

Hobie Classic I picked up this week. Phil Edwards shaped. Nice phrase on deck. Shaped mid 90’s.


Really nice. The inscription adds a lot to the value. Was it expensive?

By the way, your photos are gigantic. Top pic is 3200x2400, roughly. They took a while to load on my end and I have a pretty fast setup.

You need to resize pics for forum posting. Some folks have much slower connections and it can be frustrating for them. Plus, that one pic is nearly twice the size of my monitor screen.

Try this link, you’ll see.



Sorry on pic size. Started a thread this morning asking about resizing, as I didn’t know how to off an iPhone, and Huck said to post them as is. 

I’ll resize it later today. On iPhone right now, but will do it when I get to computer.

There is an app for that haha

search the App Store for " resize image" there is an app by the same name. It’s very simple and takes about 10 seconds to resize an image with it. 

I can’t believe pic size is still such an issue. What kind of weird internet are you guys using? Here, in good old Germany it is very fast… 


Tzorry for the OT…

haha, kind of like saying what kind of weird surfshops do you have in Germany?  Here in California we just go check the racks for a wide variety of shapes and note the details, then stop by the supply store for some blanks and resin.  Not too helpful, eh?  My point is the site here is available worldwide to people in a wide variety of circumstances, I don’t try to analyze everyone’s computer or internet setup, I just try to keep it viable for everyone, to the extent possible.  If re-sizing pics to a decent screen size helps, its pretty simple, no reason anyone couldn’t do it.  If you can’t figure it out or don’t want to, I try to get around and do it myself when I have a little time.  

I was just kidding, you know that right? This is not my first internet forum membership and pic size always seems to be the problem, but never like it is here… :wink:

and come on man, check out my local surf shop! 100m down the road from my place. some awesome pop outs! but maybe one of the biggest shops around…



Ok, that was a cheap shot, es tut mir leid.  I think it’s awesome to have board builders from all over the world here. To be honest, I almost never step foot in a surf shop, but it is nice having shaping supply stores here.

Well, as I already said, my setup is fast enough but some members here don’t have that luxury. Plus, there is no reason that anyone should post a pic two to three times the size of the average computer screen.

My laptop screen res is 1440x900. The original size on the first pic was 3200x2400+

I was kidding again! I would trade all I have (apart from my girl) for a life on the California Coastline… And not only for surf. and enough with the pictures now! I got it… 

We’ll believe it if you post some pics of your girl!  

well, she is on the big side and I haven’t quiet figured out how to resize her…

Back to OP

Saw that on EBay,

Me thinks,

I’m only into Old PE’s

You scored big time!

Downright jealous as hell!

How very nice!

Would have considered it 

Having known,

or maybe me’s overlooked the inscription.


Couple more pics, hopefully resized.