Hobie Retro Egg

Has anyone ridden this board? I’m thinking of making this type of board in the 6’6-6’8 range, and I am wondering what types of rocker come on these? I was thinking somewhere in the range of tail-1.75, nose 3.5 inches. I want a good planing board that rides somewhere between a fish and a shortboard. Any thoughts?

I have not ridden the Hobie board. My eggs in this size range are based off of the Clark 7’3". Of course you can’t buy a Clark any more…

can you post a pic of the egg and the rocker, thinking of making something similar at moment


Here it is-really like the outline, but I am unsure of the entry rocker to use.

Hey dcasey,

I am thinking of doing a similar board for quite a while now. A 6’ 10 singlefin egg.

here is the outline. Disregard the rockerline as I have not worked on it with this program.

I will go for just under 4" at the nose and 2" at the tail. It might be a more modern approach then the actual hobie board, so your numbers sound good to me!

what kind of rails a are you planning to do?

and please post some pics as you go…

Cheers C

Hey Zimmi … how goes it !!

That looks very very nice … I’m just starting a “Tony Staples 6’8” replica from scratch and your drawing really caught my attention.

Farrelly’s at Brookvale should be able to supply a blank with egg rocker to suit … keep me posted with what your going to do with the bottom, fins etc etc

take care old boy

I’m looking at my Clark catalog from Oct 2005. The 7’3" blank is a Phil Becker. Nose 3 7/8 ,tail 2 1/2. The numbers are just for reference. Where you place your 6’6" on this rocker is up to you. How you work out the flow of the rocker is where it gets interesting. The numbers posted so far seem quite extreeme to me.

Have you looked at any of the HULL threads?

what are the thoughts on having this shape with a 5 fin setup, to be ridden as a single, qaud or thruster??

im looking to build a travel board for a month in morocco at xmas/new year and to save me taking a few boards i want to build something to play with different setups

im thinking probox will be my choice

cheers in advance

Here’s my egg template. Sorry the photo is so small. I’m making my own EPS Blanks now…

I made a rocker template for an 8 foot board ,cut it out ,glued in the stringer ,started shaping and the board got too thin too soon. Went back and reviewed the rocker template and everything was screwed up. Cut the board down to 6’11". That’s what you see in the photo. 6’11" x 21 1/4" x 2 1/2"

Busted up the rocker template and started over…Check out the Red center fin Channel thread…That board came out nice…

Sooooooo… the blank in the photo is a big experment I might glass some day ,it’s 95% shaped ,want to buy it???

It’s all fun


Thanks for the great info. I’m thinking of using the Bennett 6’9 HTM and scaling the rocker dimensions down for a 6’6. I’m torn between the thruster setup and a bonzer w/box fin. I want it to have some drive, and I don’t want to be a front-foot directed board like a fish. I’ll post a pic after I shape it.