Hobie Single Fin

Does anyone know where I could find out the age of/ more info about this board?  My neighbor found it on the street in a pile of trash in South Carolina and fixed it up.  Its 5’10’‘x21’‘x3’'.  No leash plug, single fin box, the pinlines are raised a little.  Its really fun to ride, and he’s going to sell it to me, but we don’t know if its got any collector value, or if its just an old piece that rides well.  


I’d put that around 1969-1970

What kind of finbox does it have? Up to a certain point, the type of fin and box can ballpark the age of a board. Post a photo of said item.

With no leash plug and the fact it’s a 5’10", I’d guess it to be around 1971-72. In that period, boards were commonly below 6 ft. In fact, there was a time when you could not find a board in a shop that was over 6’2" or so.  Looks like it has down rails in the nose, which was somewhat popular around that time.

Also, raised pinlines are the norm. They are done with resin prior to the gloss coat. So that resin makes a ridge in the finish.

here is a shot of the rail in the nose (ding repair included). down rails the whole way around.  also included a pic of the finbox.  We had to dremel the groove a little to get the stripped square plate out of the box and replace it.  is pricing something like this all subjective?  its been pretty beat up so it has its cosmetic flaws, but fixed well and water tight.


71 or 72, maybe 73 with little collectors value.  Nice little board and in very good shape. Mike

rooster is correct. No older than 71 and more likely 72. Hobie was using the ill conceived Guidance System fins before switching over to the industry standard FU box. It’s a cool little board, but not even close to being a collector’s item.

 if you really want it, I would not pay more than $200. Especially since he got it from the trash. Offer him $125


There called surfboards, not wallboards. Lol, I surf them all.