'HOCKEY STICK FINS '..... hey mr. clamsmasher !

how ya going ?


  hockeys , pt. 2 …


I made these , yesterday , mate


   might do a few more , soon ??     [just laid up another 'pseudo volan 'panel …this time , an 8x10"one !]


have you ridden YOURS much , lately ?


  manning has been pumping lately  , [ friends photos showed me …]


photo IMG_0013_zpsfd384074.jpg

…and , with a tiny BACK fin one , too …f.c.s. tabs still to be cut out , obviously …

photo IMG_0010_zpsd193cd94.jpg





G’day Ben!

glad I checked in, I don’t come by much at the mo’.

Awesome work mate!. I am thinking about making a quad set soon too, because I like em so far!

i rode the keels on a solid, hollow day between Ob and Trigg the other day. I really dig them, they go really well in hollow waves.

they have a strange combo of hold and freedom, which i find addictive! 

Truth be told, the board I’m using them on is a little over rockered, and thus the fins are a little small.

Definitely ballpark though, and the thing canes in power.

i just finished the board I made them for and will glass it this week. I can’t wait man!

Top pic is number one, and the others are the new one. Basically my best shot at Tomos dual fins.



  Well DONE , mate !


that board you’re working on , is the same design as Dumpy here is riding , he will be trying MINE in his soon , in vicco Island power …yewwww !


  meanwhile , worked on THESE today …further cutdowns … [started life as a LARGE twin keel set , then a 'cutaway keel '… now , these … ?!


photo IMG_0109_zpsbb69f5a4.jpg

photo IMG_0166_zps8140fab8.jpg

photo IMG_0163_zps9e7db03f.jpg

photo IMG_0170_zps0bf04e00.jpg

Nice one Ben!

actually I really like the top template, how did they go? Might make a similar set when I recover from glassing my board…

Is that your dead ant panel?

 yep dedant dedant deadant dedant etc [sung to the 'pink panther 'tune  :slight_smile: ]


photo IMG_0177_zps979264b2.jpg

photo IMG_0197_zps3c247a2a.jpg