hole in NSP surfboard

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some advice on an issue I came across with my NSP funboard the other day. Basically, the traction pad (which comes installed from the shop) tore off while surfing the other day, and when I was stripping it to replace with a new traction pad, I found this circular hole in the deck. It looks like there is also a little delamination a few inches above the hole, right above the serial number.

I’ve been feeling for a little while like the board’s getting heavier on the tail end, and there was water falling out of the area as I removed the traction pad. Any advice as to what to do/ how to fix it? I’m pretty mad at NSP since the extent of their advice was that the hole is part of their board design - and the traction pad will keep water out. I know it’s not a pros board by any stretch, but I thought I’d at least be able to surf it for six months without serious issues!


Thanks in advance for any help.





obviously new to Sway’s, you need to realize this is a forum for shapers and riders who are seriously dedicated to the art of building and riding **custom surfboards.**If you had spent enough time going through the posts here, you would have constructed the understanding that here on Sway’s, much of what is wrong with the world, and much of what has led to the decline of civilization and societal elegance as we know it, can be traced directly to the  advent of mass produced, wave riding platforms such as your #$#  funboard, machined by a company that is in fact one of the primary contributors to said decline.

Hence, the fairly understated reaction to your query, with McDing’s a bit closer to our true horror and disgust of the mere mention of a company like #$#.

So in a compassionate effort to help out an obviously lost soul, here’s some sincere advice.

Take the #$#, as is, to your nearest surfshop that features hand made, quality surfboards.  Take whatever they offer you for your #$# in trade as penance, and buy a real surfboard that will free your spirit to soar on the waves.

cheers and best regards…


You buy a chi-com chink piece of $#!t that falls apart after a few uses and you come around here looking for a little coke and sympathy.  I hope NOBODY on this site is Stupid enough nor egotistical enough to help your poor a$$ out.  Next time buy local.  Take a Skilsaw to that piece o' $#!t.

Did you buy the board brand new?  If bought brand new and you didn't do the damage then NSP and the retail shop owes you a new warranty board.  So NSP says the hole and pad set up is part of their design, fine, the buyer of a surfboard has a resonable expectation that the board will be water tight, if their design fails that expectation they owe the buyer a new board that does fulfill that resonable expectation. If bought used from a shop they have responsibility to deliver what is displayed/represented, that is, an undamaged ready to go board, if you didn't do the damage then the shop owes you a proper used NSP board as it was originally displayed/represented  for sale, with traction pad to boot. The buyer doesn't have to "be aware" when buying used things from retailers or experts. Either way, bought new or used, the shop owes you a board. Repairing the damage for this board won't fulfill the seller's responsibilities, it has soaked water and is irrepairably damaged.

AW Bull$#!t!  It's Chink china $#!t.  Take a chain saw to that piece o' $#!t and don't make the same mistake twice.  Flock 'em.

Yeesh, McDing! This is my first board, I received it as a present, and I’m not looking for sympathy - just a way to fix the board and make it usable until I can replace it with a new and better one. I would appreciate it if you could keep personal attacks off of this thread.

Thanks to GTFD and Stuckinoregon for your helpful responses - they are much appreciated.


Hey McDing, just wondering if that Skilsaw of yours was made locally or in China?!

Anya, For a run down on the difficulty of fully repairing a leaking EPS cored board check the site, boardlady.com  The moisture and weight will never come out. The hole or water leak areas can be covered to prevet new water from getting in but thats about it for repair. So you might consider demading the seller to deliver what was represented for sale. The NSP web site marketing write ups for their boards will be a nice record to present to an arbiture for that representation. You can be sure the site doesn't proclaim the presence of water leaking holes and real risk of water damage after 6 months of normal use. Demand the company rep tell an arbiture they put a hole in their boards then cover that hole with a pad and not tell the customer of that wonderful feature.  Make the shop hand over a new board with continuing warranty, then the shop goes to NSP for their redress. Next thing you know the shop won't be offering leakers for sale, NSP won't be producing leakers and one particular company rep will be a whole lot sweeter to his dwindling customer base.

to elaborate without the nationalism.

this is another species aka :


definition of a surfboard for your approval-

1.a surfboard is an artisinal 

product made with love

and perhaps a colaboration

of peers who indeed

love and ride waves.

all else  should be known

as industrial products,

comodities,discount swim aids

and as our enflamed cousin 

has deemed,carp krap

( a paraphrase as children are watching

and some may be impressionable).


Thank the gift giver deeply for the thought

and remove your identity from the legions

of the damned i.e get a refund from the 

industrial giant and coerce Mc ding

into puttin’ up a board of credit

for you to ride.Say please and thank you

like a good scout and live happily ever after.

oh yeah give mc ding all the refund cash and

a tip for good measure.After all this

you will not only be a good scout

but perhaps have a chance to be a "real " surfer.

Def.1. a rider a’waves w/ no nationalist blinders

at one with the spirit of the pulse of the oceans.


real surfers are stoked

all the time.And get all 

The cool chicks.

Man, you guys. …I understand that swaylocks is a forum where there are incredibly skilled craftsmen, and that pretty much everyone who posts here has a real love and respect for surfboards. That being said - I assumed that you would also be willing to help out a fellow surfer (even if a noob) having serious issues with a surfboard.


The fact that the board has some serious issues and that there is shady manufacturing and all sorts of other things wrong with it are not my doing. I happen to agree with you that it’s a poorly made board by a horrible manufacturer…if anything, my experience with the board and the manufacturer is evidence of exactly that.

Please don’t take out your anger or issues at mass produced boards at me - I am not responsible for making/selling/anything NSP boards, and as I mentioned, this was given to me as a present. For what it’s worth, I picked up a new board from a local shaper in Oceanside this morning, and can’t wait to take it out on the water.


Thanks again to those of you with helpful responses. For the rest of you - please find a more appropriate place to vent your anger. I don’t think it’s particularly productive to take it out on a customer who’s been cheated by exactly the same companies you seem to despise.





great to hear you picked up a real board, Anya, it will make you a better surfer…and don’t take the comments made on this forum too seriously, most of which are intended as humorous…the rest of us sure don’t…

That Skilsaw of mine was made stateside quite a few years back.  You seem to be an expert;  Where are they made today?   You miss the whole point Dweeb.  That someone who buys or is gifted Asian $#!t would come around to a website devoted to surfboards built by guys who either build their own or pros who build for others and  expect a hand out.  Get satisfaction out of NSP.  Don't come around here whinin'.

Excellent advice.  Sorry and NOT sorry that I blew off.  Just sick and tired of people looking for super cheap and then coming back around and whining about it to legit boardbuilders.  If I owned that board I would be totally ashamed of the fact that I ever recieved it as a gift or actually paid any money for it.  The first board I ever owned was such a piece of $#!t  (but it was made in the USA).  I was sooo emabarassed by it.  Sold it to an unsuspecting kook who rarely went to the beach let alone surfed.  Bought myself a nice used board from Tom Morey and never looked back.

No offense to you.  Just your ignorance.  Maybe you learned something.  I've done repairs on Hundreds of those pieces of $#t.  Your best bet is to find a ding repair guy who is willing to work on it and then sell it to somebody who doesn't know any better.  I still think the Skilsaw is the best solution.  That way nobody else will make the mistake you made.  Point is you or somebody else screwed up buying that junk and then you came around a site where people take this $#!t seriously and expected someone to help you out of a jam.  If I put diesel in my gasoline engine will you help me out?

Hey McDing

I don’t know about the US market, but Skil branded tools for the European and Australian markets have been made in China for quite a while now.

BTW, I think you’re too angry to be reasonable and give the bloke a sensible answer. Forget that it’s made in Asia, and just treat it as a board repair problem. An EPS board has a hole in it. Hook it up to a vacuum to suck as much water out as possible, then repair with epoxy as per a regular ding. There, that wasn’t too hard, was it? But then you are trying to make a living in a manufacturing industry with such a low barrier to entry that it can easily be outsourced to cheaper labour, so I guess anger is an understandable, if irrational, response.


Funny!  Because if I hadn't replied to his post this thread would have been "nada".  Again you miss the point.  Anger has nothing to do with it.  I'm cool and calculated.  if anything;  stupidity and ignorance on the part of the poster is the topic.

You need an epoxy repair kit, something like this:


Probably will be available from a local surfshop in your town. I doubt you have a vacuum setup to get the water out, so dont sweat it.

Clean up the area around the hole with sandpaper (120 Grit or there abouts). Cut out a circle of fibreglass quite a bit larger than the hole, say 1 inch all the way around.

Just mix up some epoxy (3-4ml) AS PER INSTRUCTUION (Chances are its 2 parts epoxy to 1 part hardener by volume).

Place the cutout fibre glass over the whole and pour the mixed epoxy on it. Use an old credit card/ plastic gym membership card/video store membership card/Debenhams discount card, ANYTHING with a straight edge to gently spread the resin over the fibre glass. Note that the epoxy will NOT saturate the glass immediately, it takes bit of time to soak in.Try to avoid epoxy pooling. You see any shiny areas instead of the fibreglass weave, remove the extra epoxy it with your plastic card.

Once the patch had cured, use some sandpaper to remove any spots that are too high.

Next, mix up a new batch of resin and pour it on over the repair. The use a paintbrush to brush the resin evenly over the repair. Also make sure you brush out the resin past the "border" of the repair patch, this should create a smooth transition between the repair and the deck. Once cured, sand flush (but not too much).

You're done!

Also few vids on youtube of how to do this!

Best of luck :D