Hollow Wood..... Airplanes

This isn’t how I build my boards - ours are chambered as opposed to hollow - but I thought some of you that build real skeleton and skin hollow boards might get a kick out these pictures.

The pictures are of the wings and fuselage of a “Bamboo Bomber” - a Cessna T-50 - from 1939. This plane was sometimes also called a “Rhapsody in Glue”. It was a 5 passenger transport plane.


Here are a couple more shots.



Cool pictures. I am sure many of us would like to know how you build your hollow surfboards. Pictures would be great of how you chamber your boards.


Hey 42, I understand if you do not want to give up your methods, but I would love to see the photos of the steps you use to make your boards. For some reason the chambered boards are more interesting to me than the hollowed boards. Maybe because it is still shaped like a foam or Balsa board. No offense to some of the beautiful hollow woods I have seen on this website. I am interested in chamber size, glassing schedule, I am thinking of using redwood.