Hollow Wood Retro Fish *PIC*

…!!!..Finally Done…!!!.. http://www.hollowsurfboards.com

Sorry about posting it twice… http://www.hollowsurfboards.com

Have ya got 'er wet? Beautiful, Paul.

that is so sick. are there others selling hollow surfboards of the smae sort? as u are the only one ive ever heard of. dj again, great board

…IT’S ALIVE,ALIVE I TELL YOU !!! …Will it ride? Sure let me show you.If Paul can ever get the sand to put it in water.It’s almost too nice to ride,homey.Bet it floats like Pamela Anderson,even if it doesn’t,she sure is a knockout(the board that is).Herb

…My friends love it.Herb

beautiful board…another wonderful accomplishment. thanks for inspiring us to work harder to bring objects of desire into this world >>>>>> manuel http://www.mandalacustomshapes.com

Nice job Paul.KP

A work of art Paul. Wonderful. Please give us a little more info. Weight? Glass job?

Here’s some of what LeeD at the Surfer Magazine message board had to say about the hollow fish, “Hey Now I gotta admit I’m impressed with the hollow, the cool layups and laminations, but ARE YOU GUYS BLIND? Look at that nose outline? Like something from the early '70’s late '60’s, like stuff I built, like UGLY. And a 5’10” x 22 board that weighs THIRTEEN lbs., are you kidding me? That’s the weight of TWO Bonzers! Really!" “Hey Gotta say…the construction might be good, it might work OK to fair, but what’s with the weight and the ugly a.s nose, looking like a homemade late '60’s twin fin? Boards I made, as ugly as that, weighed between 6.5 to 8 lbs., depending on actual size. Biggest twin I made was 7’6” x 18 x 3" thick. Paul needs a template man…Pinliner?"

those damnable light boards only work if you like the way they work. a template ego trip …ive been bitin’ my critical tongue for close to thirty years about them wing sting swallows…blast it turnbuckle you basing an opinionated critique on a photo when you Know darnt well they simply are not…ARE NOT acurate…the praises herin expressed are not about cutting Edge wow gee whiz my board breaks faster than yours advancements in landfill participation …the praises are about encouraging a guy in a cold place that has spent a plok of man hours meticulosly crafting not just a thing of beauty but one that could bounce off all the rocks that decompose the 6.85 lb.boards on first contact,which by the way raises the weight by .15lbs with water and then.25 lbs. with the first repair. Subsequent repairs perhaps increased the weight dramaticly giving thee a net weight , after learning to ride the greatest board the world has ever known properly , closer to the New weight of the Jensen EXPERIMENTAL Craft,…you do deserve credit for the masterful 6lb. ULTRA CRAFT,yet your masteery of tactful constructive criticsm leaves something to be desired… you can improve just as Captain Jensen can make the next one lighter…the first stradivarius wasnt the best one…and the flat spots are always most apparent after its too late to fix em…you can bet that there are another three pescados del madera on the drawing table…by the way why dont you make one out of balsa an luan door skin I think you could make the first one weigh about 2.7856 lbs just glass it with multiple layers of 2oz. cloth an even vacum bagit…you could ride it in the dora context contest…I think you could win…unless my 37 lb. board smokes that chip in the offshores. As we all choose to believe in a criterion of our own construct may we reach the common goal of fulfillment without having to do it at the expense of someone elses quest…like ok you win youre hot an I’m not any more threat than stuff washed up on the beach… keep the peir …Ill go surf a place where you don’t…and still have more fun because you are not there…ambrose …making way for fun …nice board Paulo

wow talk about an emotional diatribe…sorry grapes…tell the surfer …nice ads…ambrose…especially the ones for cosmetics…especially that cool post about artificial pterigriumsto make you look more surfy

Paul, boy, did you screw up. If you are going to say “wide” and “thick”, you are going to have to also say “long” instead of “length”. I mean, can’t you do anything right? Well. That’s all I can find to criticize. (on the small chance you think I am serious, let me just say NICELY DONE!)

Paul, very, very well done…! Perhaps the best so far. The only question left screaming: ‘What’s next?’.

I’m open to suggestions… http://www.hollowsurfboards.com

Try this in your spare time… http://www.hollowsurfboards.com/new.htm

That is such a beautiful job!!! I have a few Lis fishes and Iam sure Steve would love to see a pic.I am going to take a pic of the details and show some craftmen at the boatyard today.I like the way your did the leash between the crack it is the best place even on glass fishes done with rope instead.Really great looking board!!

Paul, What can I say that has not been said already. What a beautiful board! Too pretty to risk on the rocks. But,of course it should be ridden. I can’t wait to hear how it rides. I’m volunteering as a test pilot.

Having worked with metals and wood and plastic for about 40 years I have to say the Paul Jensen is a model for us all to aspire toward. He is a gentlemen, generous with his time and advice and sit at top of the craftsmen list here at Swaylocks with Jim Phillips IMHO. If there’s a crown they’ll have to share it. Thanks for hangin’ around and helping us out. It means a lot to have experts around to ask questions of. I for one read everything you post. Mahalo, Rich

Hey Paul, I was going to suggest a kneeboard since you mentioned an interest in Big Sur about building one but your fish could probably be ridden as a kneeboard as well. That’s a beautiful board you built. I really admire your craftsmanship, creativity and patience. Keep’em coming.