Home Depot Foam

I met this guy at the beach yesterday and he had a styrofoam board glassed with epoxy. He made it from packaging waste, but he said you can get 8 foot pieces of foam from Home Depot, rout a grove in the bottom and place a stringer in there to keep the rocker and then glass it with epoxy. He said it surfs like a ping pong ball. His 10 footer was way lighter than my 7 foot board. Rails need to be really thin he said, since it is so bouyant. Pretty trippy stuff.

That’s standard 1 lb. EPS foam. I LOVE the way those ride. If you don’t care about longevity then you can make one of those that’s super light. Less than one pound per foot. They do tend to break after a bit but the ride is sweet while it lasts. Pretty cheap to build too. Easy to hot wire and shape. And yes, make the rails thinner than usual to decease buoyancy.

Would a sure form and some sandpaper work as shaping tools on that stuff? These guys put a stringer only in the bottom quarter of the board with a router. Would a stringer all the way through, like a conventional clark blank work, or cause problems? As far as epoxy, would boat epoxy do the trick? Also is regular resin tint compatible with epoxy resin or is there special tints and pigments? Thanks