Home for Long Balsa Planks

I am interested in building a balsa canoe like this article: http://www.storerboatplans.com/Balsacanoe/Balsacanoe.html

The author is in Australia and gets his wood locally. I live in Michigan and I am looking for a source for balsa planks. I found a few spots but the longest pieces available are four feet long. Where do you buy your long planks and what is the longest available?









Frank, Had you considered using a species that is indiginous to your area? There is usually a tradition of doing so among craftsmen of any particullar area. A little research might reveal what has been used in your area. I made a bunch of cedar strip canoes one time with some 20' rips from a local mill that I got for next to nothing. It made a very sound hull. Doesn't get that heavy if you don't go crazy with the gunwales and seats etc. It's alot of work to make a canoe and you will wan't it to last when you're done or sell it to someone for a nice chunk when your through with it.

the cost at the coasts is enormous…add freight to get it to your doorstep and it’s probably cheaper to build the boat out of gold.

rhino balsa may be worth checking if you’re committed to balsa.

I agree with the other posters,

 You could make that little boat strip planked out of poplar or red cedar and it would only weigh a few pounds more....... You'll probably end up paying $25+ a board foot for long hunks of balsa shipped to you.