Home Made Bully Board

What do you do when a buddy says he has 4’x4’x4’ blocks of EPS foam and asks if you want to play with some?  My buddy ended up cutting two 5” slabs and we started shaping.  My buddy cut out the plain shape and bottom.  I took it home and hotwired the rails, blended the curves.  I foam stained it yellow, laid down the carbon fiber tape, did a balsa veneer deck and glassed both top and bottom with 4 and 6 oz glass.  The intention here is to use this as a tandem body board.  The dimensions are 4’ x 29” x 4.5”.  Plenty of floatation. This was a fun project and brought out my inner kid as I remembered making my first paipo/sand slide board when I was 10 out of recycled plywood.

Looking good Dennis! I like that you go after different types of watercraft.


Love that. What are you going to about fins?  Take them out when you skim and put them in when you body board it?  Maybe some little half moons?

All the best

Exactly what I was thinking. I want to see how it turns without fins since I kept that hard body board edge on the bottom rail.  This is my first body board so I am making it up as I go along. Alos this is my first future box installation.  I wanted a chance to play with that fin set up too.


I like to build stuff that are not common. I am thinking about building a 5’ version of this with two sets of handles so i can body board with my granddaughter.


That thing is bitchen!!!

The hard edge sheers water so it will be loose (like a sufboad with no fins) , if you can sand off the hard egde to a small radius it will get traction (I have done and tested this)

Come join us and start a thread on your boad here https://mypaipoboards.org/forum3/viewforum.php?f=4



Counter intuitive but I believe you Krusher 

All the best