Home-made tools

I’m pretty sure there is a similar thread somewhere but I just spent a quarter of an hour looking through the “search” device at things like: “Show me your home-made tools”, “Home-made tools”, “Tools” and “Where the hell is this f=^$ù!* home-made tools thread?” and it didn’t turn back the one I was looking for. OK, let’s have another one…

For years, I have been installing Bahne fin-boxes with a hastily-made plywood jig but, while it did the trick, it was not so user-friendly. Actually, I doubt that anyone else than me could have used it with any success as it took a long and tedious installment… So I recently decided to make something easier and more precise.

I had this anti-skid material laying around somewhere in the shop and I also had a few sheets of polycarbonate (about 3 mm thick). After some precise measurement, careful machining with the router and glueing up the anti-skid, I came out with this:


Anti-skid material:


Finished new fin-box jig:


My all-time friend Daniel, posing with the router:

I’m pretty good with a Google – is this it?



Yes, Janklow, that’s the one I was looking for! How did you do that?