Homeblown Hawaiian Foam?

Anyone know anything about these guys.

Its got to be one of the first MDI/TDI blank manufacturing operations based here in Hawaii that I know of.

Seems like its part of the global Homeblown Biofoam operation based on both websites.

Since manufacturing is local like in Waipahu-like local I'm hoping the prices will be cheaper than all the stuff that has to be shipped here and suffere th increasing shipping costs..

Getting surf supplies in waipahu would be a god-send for us ghetto dwellers.

Be interesting if the imported blanks are still cheaper.

Any info out there on who might be distributing the stuff?

I saw the malamasurfblank ad which looks like is the resufacing remnants of the closed down california homeblown production site.



Homeblown Hawaii

Homeblown Hawaiian Foam
94-422 UKE'E St. #6, Waipahu
Oahu, HI,USA

Hey Bernie:

I contacted Henry Larrucea of Homeblown Hawaiian Foam.  They are closing their door and going out of business.  They have a few blanks left.  Too Bad, I canted to see somebody make blanks locally. 






Henry put up a good long fight. Thanks for all your hard work. Good luck.



Henry and Randy are great people.  It's too bad I just heard about them a few weeks ago.  They are packing to close their doors.  I picked up two 6-9 fish blanks, a 6-4 fish blank, 10-5 SUP blank, 10-5 3-stringer long board blank and a 9-7 longboard blank all for $300.  I will be busy for a while.