homemade fin box

I made this wood fin box(FCS compatible) and fin…What do you think??It gonna work??Anyone had tryed this before??

hey people i need some reply pls…good or bad lolol

looks good to me.Is it going to have some hardware on it?That will be real custom when you get it into position.

Just wondering if the wood is sealed? If it is not then I think it not a good idea. The wood will swell from the moisture and essentially lock the fin in voiding the ability to remove/replace it.

is not seal yet but i’ll seal it with some resin…

thank you

Will the box be deeper than this? My only thought from the photo is that there will be more side pressure than the 1/2" can withstand and still keep the fin in the box.

On a second issue, the wood boards I am doing for the movie, 2 of them have wooden fin boxes also. George Downing made removable fin wooden boxes in 1950, but actual details are not available. I wanted a sliding dovetail design for them, fin entering from the front of the box, a taper at the front of 0" to 1" deep at the rear. I was going to make them from a single billet of Douglas Fir, using a dovetail router bit, but none readily available at 1" deep, scrap that idea. I drew out all the details to scale, then sawed and jointed all the pieces to the correct angles. Then it was just a manner of carefully gluing the pieces together.

I will get some pics of them for you all to see.