Homemade water housings: what have you built?

I’m considering making a water housing for an SLR i’ve got.

Browsed the archives a bit, searched around on the net, and i’ve got some ideas… but lots of unanswered questions.

I’m interested in seeing pics/ideas of any stuff you guys have built.

Also, any websites or books with some help for this kinda stuff? I’ve searched relentlessly, and the only stuff i’ve found is for video cameras.

Just looking for any input before i dive in on a risky venture.

here is a discussion from April…same topic-


ahhh yeas i’ve seen that one… from what I understand, it’s still a work in progress.

i just wanted to open up the topic for discussion again.

i’m gonna make a new housing for my video camera since my last housing started to leak (i tried to modify some things)…

From that I’ve learned a couple of things:

  • I’m not gonna close the housing by ‘screwing’ the cap on, but i’m gonna make it so that you have several clamps to close the housing.

  • I’m gonna order ‘professional’ waterproof buttons to be able to operate the controls instead of using soap pumps.

I’m not making a housing for an SLR but for a video camera instead, anyways good luck with your project and keep us posted about your progress!

I was actually thinking about doing a video camera housing first, they seem much more simple and could be a nice jumping off point.

Seeing there’s alot of information on housings for video, are most guys making housings for photography kinda relunctant to share secrets?

building a housing for SLR is a difficult task 'cause it has plenty of buttons to seal and usually we’re speaking of expancive cameras. I think these r the reasons for making it not very common and why there isn’t much info about it .

good luck

i know what you’re saying. i’d be building it for a nikon n55, a very basic SLR. so not too much to worry about button wise. but still a task.

i figure it’ll be a challenging experience. plus i can decide if i’d stick with it or not, instead of dropping $2000+ on a rig/housing…