Homemade Wax

Anybody ever make their own wax?  How’d it work out? Is it worth the hassle?  Any good recipes?

I tried once after i watched some surf sufficient clip on vimeo. The wax sucked. Couldnt get my local pinetree to give me enough sap. No help from me on this one.


.75 or 1.50…US dollars…free if you buy something over 20 bucks…cheap bastard…


here is the link for the video.  when I tried this I did a small amount of searching and guys were posting their recipie up.  As usual there are a million ways to skin the cat 



Why???  :^(


Why not? Might be handy if and when SHTF. 

i thought about it. then vacced cork onto the decks of my new boards and gave my leftover blocks of wax to my brother.

it’s not the money. i just always like learning new things. kinda like why i got into shaping. i’ve made my own soap and some other stuff. just thought i’d see what the wisdom of swaylocks had to offer on the subject

my advice - don’t do it. expensive equipment, time consuming a truck load of research and testing. stick with shaping far more rewarding.