Hopefully this won't catch on.....

5 attacks in 2 weeks - Sharks 1 - Humans 4

This was a 5 metre WP in Tasmiania, the girl survived…

Give her a medal and hang that board on the wall

Yeah, i’d definately hang that on the wall.

Chinese takeaway No 15?

Miss read the menu and thought it was fish but it was just a swallow tail.

Seriously though, hope she’s ok. Just heard a quick snippet on the radio news that she been bitten on the ankle. Apparently her cousin fended the shark off after she’d been dragged under water twice and put her on his board. They tried to catch a wave in and the shark dropped in on them.

Her cousin should hang the board on HIS(or her) WALL!

There’s sharks everywhere at the moment. Did someone forget to tell them there’s more fish out to sea?

there more sharks because there are more shark biscuits then usual this season


sharks are in the ocean

and cars are on the road …

i wonder which statistics ratio of fatalities is more scary ......

Only in New Zealand

Hey Grant, any news on the girl?

5 in a week, that’s scary, I’m going back to playing russian roulette, it’s safer.

I had the same problem with my FCS fin plugs. Wheres the Rep !

Is that poly or EPS ? Epoxy will do that sometimes.

Ever hear of yum yum yellow!!!

Someone did a study and found yellow attracts sharks more then any color.