Hot coat contamination? What is this?

Using epoxy resin from Bashams so  pretty sure it’s RR. Been making some hand planes and noticed this veining in the hot coat?  Anyone know what is causing this?  Been using denatured alcohol to clean the hand plane then also dry paper towel before the hot coat. Am I not waiting long enough?  Something else?  I’m doing this in my garage. Thanks for the help.  

Are you using a ‘surfacing agent’ mixed in with the epoxy?  It kind of looks like some of the stuff rose to the surface.  It’s not unusual for surfacing agent to do that.  It also looks like maybe the stuff needs to be warmed up and shaken, then added to the epoxy and mixed thoroughly.  

When you say “Hot Coat” do you mean that the epoxy batch was altered in some way for it to cure hotter than normal?  I.E. maybe added a bit of extra hardener like what is done with polyester resin hot coats?


No surfacing agent added. No additive F. Nothing added to the mix, just 2 parts epoxy to 1 part catalyst. I’m not sanding the hand planes since I’m not concerned about weight and view these are additional glassing practice. But is this how epoxy normally cures? Thx for your help. 

I know that ia beter to use epoxy above 23 degree celsius / 74 fahrenheit to evoid thos kind of staff

I get this on my epoxy finishcoat (no additives) sometimes, too. Strangely it never happened with the fillcoat, only with the finishcoat from time to time. (same epoxy for both)
I’ve tried cleaning the (new) brushes prior coating, but its not from the brushes.
The basement room I work in is around 17-19 degree celsius usually.
I haven’t found the reason till now.

Thx.  I’m in So Cal and had great weather the last couple of days but perhaps I mixed the epoxy too early in the day and didn’t factor the garage being cooler.  Will try to be more aware of the temp and see what results I get.  

You’re not using paper cups with a wax surface for your resin are you???

Mako224…good call but I doublechecked my paper cups and no wax.  I did another hot coat today and made sure the outside temp was in the mid-80s so my garage was probably low 80s and it cured clear.  Didn’t realize how sensitive this stuff is to temp.  Thanks for the help!

Mako 224:

Thanks for the hint. Never thought about the papercups maybe being wax coated.

I´ll check my cups.

You say you clean with alcool, may be some solvent rise to surface. If you sand slightly it may disapear, cutter polish may be enough.

I don´t think it´s the alcohol.

I´m not using any alcohol or solvents or anything (just soap washed hands every time and dry sanding) and sometimes I get exatly what hchou shows in the picture.

I´ve checked my paper cups. No wax. Sometimes I use thoroughly cleaned plastik cups. So it´s not the papercups alone.

It could be the temperature I think. Hchou last study at 80F points that out.

Last time I got this was in winter, the room was maybe 16°C / 60F.

Now in the summer the room is more like 20°C/ 70F and it hasn´t happend the last months.

And you´re right lemat. I good rub with polish usually get´s rid of the surface striation in my case.