hot coat sanding problem

Hello to all. I am having trouble sanding the hot coat on my board. My sandpaper is gumming up right away. I’m starting with 100 grit and I used uv sanding resin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I’ve been waiting for an expert to chime in. Kokua or someone like that. I’m a novice and had the same problem a board ago. I kept sanding and replacing the paper, swaring and such… Eventually, I got below the gummy stuff and it sanded like it was supposed to. I think you could also put another hotcoat over the gummy coat. I was also told to flash the resin in the sun for 20 seconds, put in the shade for a minute or so, then back into the sun to finish curing to avoid gummy resin. My best advice is to check the archives. mike

Howzit rooster, the bottom line is do your hot coats with catalyst even if you’re using UV resin. After the hot coat kicks wait about 10 minutes and then put it in the sun. after about 10 more minutes it’ll be hard enough to sand. Another thing is if you feel you want to try it with out catalyst you have to double the amount of SA in your mix, but this will thin the hotcoat and when you sand the board it’s odds on that you will hit weave. Al0oha, Kokua