hot coat still showing weave

and i don’t know what the hell i’m doing wrong…

i really don’t…

i’m using a 4" brush, i’m brushing everything on nice and smooth… i cross it then brush long strokes from front to back like i was taught…

still i see weave…

WTF mates?

any wise words of wisdom

(all boards are PU/PE)

one last thing… if i hot coat and sand, regardless of whether the weave still showing or not, only to get smooth with 100grit, should i apply another hot coat or can i go ahead and do my resin pin lines and gloss coat???

I’m still considered new at this but I havent had the weave show through on any of my sand coats.

when you spread the resin around you should use medium pressure on the brush

then when you do the cross strokes you should just use very lite pressure called “tipping” using just the tip of the brush.

then tip lengthwise and let it level out

pull tape when gelled

and yes you can do a double sand coat just make sure there are no shiny spots

i tell ya what, i have been doing what you said and i still get the weave showing…

maybe use bout 5-7 more oz of resin???

cause i’m not getting too much of the drippage going on…

Ya maybe more resin!!

If your doing a major amount of pushing to cover the board and have no dripage …then definetly more resin

I like to lay it on thick as to give it more filling ability for the low spots

I also use the UV hardner as soon as it levels out , in the sun it goes and “BAM” done

If your HC is on 6 oz or more,showing weave is normal. Only 4oz will come out smooth.

It’s not really weave showing anyway, just the pattern of weave in the HC. Kinda like

"print through’’ on a boat. If you sand and you’re hitting weave on the flats, or you can’t

get rid of shine w/o hitting weave on the flats, then your HC was too thin. If weight’s not

a big deal, then sand this first HC lightly and do another over it to be safe. Make sure it’s

all scratched so you get a good bond.


your hotcoat ,or filler coat ,as it is called in other places is just there to fill up the weave, as the name suggest. if you pour out more resin it will just add weight. All you need is an even coat to fill up the weave and enough so the brush strokes level out.(if the brush strokes level out you have plenty of resin there.)

Then sand the bejesus out of it and do your pinlines and gloss coat.

I know a few guys who dont even use a filler coat and just go straight to the finish coat and polish her up.

Hope this helps.