Hot Coating / Laminating Epoxy

I’ve been told that it is a good idea to hotcoat Epoxy before it is completely cured to save sanding, rubbing with denatured alcohol. Assuming I’ve glassed the bottom and then hot coat it, how do I get my top (deck) lamination to stick when I flip my laps onto the hotcoated bottom?

Hey Deanbo,

the typical sequence is bottom lam, flip, deck lam, deck hotcoat, then hotcoat the bottom.

We do the steps all in one session which takes about 1-1/2 hours. Check it on our website

the guy is a top epoxy glasser, having done about 7,000 boards:

No blushing occurs and the strength is substantially higher doing a board this way

Hope this helps,


That’s how I usually do my boards as well, I just read that a way to avoid sanding the lam and rubbing it down with denatured alcohol (Epoxy) was to hotcoat the lam before it cured. Didn’t quite make sense to me as like you say the standard practice is bottom/top (glassing) then top/bottom (hotcoating). Couldn’t figure out how to hotcoat the lam on the bottom while it was still fresh without interfering with the deck when it gets lammed. Mainly because when you flip your laps from the deck it will cross over onto hotcoat resin. Thanks for the link by the way. Lamming the first layer on the deck is a interesting idea. Especially if you are beginner glasser and using PU/Polyester.