Hotcoat pisser

Sooooooo ive spent the last few days making a killer set of bonzer fins…today i hotcoated them and when it started to kick, the resin lumped up and made little bumpies all over my fins…WHAT DID I DO WRONG!!!

ive heard of the problem before, but i dont know what causes it…anyone?

Howzit surferguy, sounds like what lam resin would do, maybe not enough SA or the wax didn't rise. If they are tacky then it was not enough SA. You can sand them and rehotcoat or just sand as is.Aloha,Kokua

the bumps settled a bit after a little bit more time (still curing right now), but its still pretty off…thanks!

How long has it been since you did the hotcoat, seems strange that they're taking a while to cure. Definitly sounds like a wax problem.Aloha,Kokua

it was starting to kick when i posted the question, now its cured and it looks tons better, but needs a good sanding and another layer, ill post pics when theyre done!


“… ill post pics when theyre done!..”

please do ! [pre-empted again]


you could probly save yourself the trouble of typing all those letters and just make a blank…we’d all know what it meant :wink:

the fins are looking pretty killer…but nightfall has hit, and ive got to wait for tomorrow sigh