Hotmail Hacked


Anyone trying to get in touch with me for fin info or work should no use



both of these Email address have be hacked by some idiot out there send notifications that

hotmail address will be terminated of info is not sent. I sent it in a weak moment.

Trouble with weak moments is that if we know were in them we wouldn’t be so weak.


New email address is


I’ll attempt to change this in my profile.


Stay Stoked, Rich

Watch out for “Phishing schemes”!

I have a personal rule that I will never click links in an email that are asking me to log in to something or give personal information / recover passwords.

Links to photos, websites, news articles etc. that are sent to me from a friend are a different story, but ALWAYS do a sanity check before clicking anything.


Get ahold of the hotmail support staff and you should be able to recover your accounts, good luck Rich.

Hotmail is notoriously hackable…suggest a Gmail account, much better security…used to manage construction and facilities for VeriSign, which runs all the .com and .net internet infrastructure around the world…engineers used to run internal hacking seminars as part of their security training, could get into Hotmail accounts in literally a couple of minutes…Gmail took much more doing…

Well, sometimes I like to use MSN instant messanger  to chat with folk out of the country for nothing.

Oh, and I made a mistake on the new Email address. It’s:


I had a free business account with them, and one day, no warning, the deleted it!  I called to try to recover, but it was all gone.  Use or whatever, and set up your own account.  The safety is well worth a couple of bucks a month.

GMAIL - nothing beats it for free.  Great spam filter, safe and easy to use.  Learn some of the advanced features and you will use much less time checking/reading your emails.

disclaimer: not a hack for gmail…

personally, use Skype a whole bunch, able talk with my out of state kids and grandkids using the free video service…

and Norton Security Suite to scan all my incoming emails for virus, malware, spyware…automatically quarentines and deletes them…

also good to change all online passwords for all banking, email, etc on a regular basis, using “strong” combos, i,e,… 7Sway/9locks*

If I ever lost my code book I would be really hosed… LOL