Hotwire foam factory compound bow are they just a toy?


Has anyone bought or used one of these? Looking for a hotwire bow that is under $300 AU that has at least 2 foot cutting blade.

Looks ok, but wondering if anyone has used one to cut a blank out of a block of EPS?  How strong are the wires? Can you use thicker wires on it?


Before everyone says “just make one!” Dont have much time with 2 kids under 5, so would rather spend spare time shaping or surfing than seeing how many times I can shock myself!!

is there a better system for under $300? Like the idea of power variations as will be playing with light weight foam as well as high density.


Any feedback would be great!

You can build one for $20. Rethink that plan to waste $300 (pipe in photo could be wood)

I found bungee cord worked simpler than using a spring.

3 pieces of wood bolted together in an H pattern.

Bungee at the back end for wire tension.

Eye bolts at the other end to string the .029" SS wire between.

Old extension cord with end cut off, wire stripped and alligator clips added, to clip on the wire.



That $300 includes a good power supply, so it's not just $300 for a bow and wire. If you want a turnkey system, it looks pretty good.

Still a lot cheaper to buy a used variac and spend 15 minutes making a bow.

Becomes a matter of time vs. money. If you don’t have the time or the inclination, then spend the money and get the bow in your link. However, it’s simple and cheap to make a hotwire bow. A variac can be purchased new from $60 on up. One piece of 30" long, 3" by 3/4" plywood, two fiberglass rods about 5/16" diameter by 18" +/-, some electrical wire with alligator clips, a light switch and some nichrome is all it takes. All the material for the bow may set you back 20 bucks or so.

The plans are in the resource section, from Airframe.   And they are about as perfect as you could ask for.  You could find a local woodshop to make the wood part for cheap and source the rest.


My brother has one. Best hot wire I’ve used, but it’s best when 2 people hold it. His uses a small 12v DC power supply. I think the DC power makes better hot wire. I never had problems with that wire, but I’ve broken so many using AC power and a Variac. Seems like the wire gets too hot outside the foam and breaks there.

I’ve got an idea for something, but I won’t say anything until I try it.

Thanks Sharkcountry and the rest of you guys.


Think I will go ahead and buy.



It's a good product and with the power source, well worth the money for a turnkey setup.  It will easily do the job.  Whenever people on this site start with "you can build it easily", "just get a woodworker to do this or that".   Make a variac out of old feridge etc.  They seem to forget that time is money and there is a value on your own labor.

I have one myself that i picked up off a frend. it is very stright forward and no messing about just ajust to the size you want plug it in and go. build quality isnt great (it looks like its produced in a garage some where) and i would like to make a few mods when i get time but at the moment it does the job without a problem. If you dont want the hassle of collecting all the bits and building one then it is very easy and quick to use.