house paint/airbrushing?

Has anyone ever used house paint to spray their board with…I used some thinned gray deck and porch paint. It came out great, better than the board paint I usually buy …I would think that exterior house paint would be a good choise because of the UV protection plus it’s made to last. I am going to use some sweet looking vintage colors by Martha Stewart Paint I found at K-Mart for a buck. I have been using a car touch up paint gun from Harbour Freight. it doesn’t seem to work to well on larger areas…anyone have any advice on a gravity feed gun thats works good?

Sorry. I said “board” went I ment a finshed blank and I ment Latex paint not oil based house paint…sorry!

have you glasses one yet? Latex seals the foam and will not allow the resin to penetrate like acrylics will. weak boards I tried the latex thing early on and had alot of snaps. The Gun from Harbor Freight the 69.00 works great just stay away from the cheapies

Sealing the foam is certainly an issue. I have done it, and seen it delam. Also, airbrush paint is made of finely grownd pigment to be used in spray application. I have used some “craft” paints that were thinned and worked well in spray applications with other colors in the same brand having disastrous results. Use air paints for spray. The best thing you can do for a board is to not paint it at all. The next best thing is to use as little paint as possible to get the result you are looking for. Scott

Water based paint can be fine if the pores in the foam are not filled up! Production sprayers in Australia use only petrol based paints because of reduced drying times, but I have personally experimented with sign writer quality water based paints and had no problems. Josh