How about this for hand planes

I've been tinkering with a few of these lately and was wondering instead of doing a cut out or drill holes with a rope hand grip, would two  leashplugs with webbing and buckles were work.   My one thought other than the aesthetics having platic on wood, is that would it be strong enough just epoxied/glued in without the fiberglass cloth surrounding it like a glassed surfboard?   Thanks for the input


dude, i was just going to do that!

sounds like a good idea to me…

post when plugs go in.



what do you think of as far as fixing them in cloth, resin and sand it down.  

Thanks Chris

Are you building them thick enough to set plugs in.

How about tweaking your idea and glassing on

a leash loop on both sides to thread webbing


You could route a slot 1/4" x the width of the webbing by say 5/8" deep on each side and insert the ends and fill with resin.

this is what i came up with:

leftover foam from a 10’6’’ blank i used on a finless board last year.  cut away from the stringer and brought the thickness to 1.25".

fishy template, shaped with a rasp file and 80 grit sanding block.  9’’ wide and 20’’ long.

6oz. top and bottom with one 8oz. volan deck draped over (all scraps).

two leash plugs drilled and set before the volan went over.

some leash loop rope and some cool velcro straps from the lumberyard.

i hope it works!

hand plane

hand plane

hand plane

hand planehand plane

hand plane

whoa so nice! shaka to that! nice use of the sierra nevada summertime ale!

Nicely executed



Very nice.  Can't wait to get home and start tinkering. 

Thanks again Chris

looks awesome!

i was having a bit of trouble with a handgrip near the centre of the board: it gets hard to control from the middle sometimes. When the board is fairly big like yours, i found that it works nicer (at least for me) when the grip is more near the nose. You can rest your underarm on the board (or both) for more control.

Have Fun!




tested it a few times and found it amazing!  the large surface area really allows for some section making fun.  i am pretty happy with the shape and bottom contours, defiantly have some control and good speed.

the only part i was not super stoked on was the velcro… seemed unnecessary.  Although a buddy pulled into a little closeout and it did release; which was the intention, i ended up just covering it with duck tape… also gave a little more comfort. 


i see what you mean about the placement of the strap.  going back and forth from the pink fish to the tacobell tray there was some advantages to having your grip at the very front and having more of your forearm underneath the planning surface.  the fish does have some quality about it that i have yet to find the words for… maybe the little bit of rocker in front of your hand and buoyancy from the foam… i feel like i can actually carve the thing out in front of me… whatever the case it works and is really fun!  

The thing looks amazing, and the bottom shape looks like it will provide a lot of lift! good to hear that it works good!

Any action pictures?


I did that and it works perfectly.   I made a board last week for a VP at my school.  He wanted a “boogie” like board with a glass job, that he could ride with swim fins and hold on to handles.  I used two on each side though.

all i did was pick up a kickboard for 10 bucks and it works great.

Well it has been so fun messing around with the hand plane, I had to make a couple more.  A friend asked for one like the pink fish but, wanted it out of wood.  After we rode that around and loved it; so I shaped the two of these.  Sorry no pics of the second wood fish but, here are the round and pin tail.

This time I decided to get away from the leash loop method of the pink fish and just epoxy the webbing directly to wood.  Used a router to cut into the wood about 1/4’’ and just dropped the webbing down.  Works really well.  A tight fit and it feels more connected to the plane.  Easy to pull your hand out.

Both are made from 3/4’’ thick poplar (final thickness is more like 1/2’’ down to 1/4’’ in the rails and concave) and are around 9-10’’ wide and 19-22’’ long.

Linseed oil finish.

Anyway enjoy!







I really like the look of both of these, can you tell me which one works in what type of waves? I’m getting the impression that smaller is for more hollow waves and longer wider for softer waves.

Which one is your favorite?

planning on carving up 2 or 3 while its freezing out, something to look forward to in the spring.