how big is your beak?

The first board I shaped for 08’ was a 6’6" single, retro style. I did the beak long and I liked it, it was for a French guy, through the glass company next door [their order]. The owner thought it was a bit long[the beak], too long for the tape up [tint job]. Did another one today[shorter beak] and have been doing a few lately and I have to admit, I’m a bit confused. I have found some photos and templates of my old boards, I can only match the planshapes, dropping the rocker big time , got the rails right, trouble with the hooters, cheers J.H.

Bigger than yours!


You’ve been around longer than me…

But maybe this is it…

Skin your blank to your profile both sides…you know it’ll be thicker than a thruster wafer nose…then shave the deck side of the nose tip profile down horizontal til you get a nice point. Should make that nice beak bump about 1.5 inches into the deckside nose flip. If the slant it goes down on is too steep they look rude.

But who am I telling man…you were there!


The way I do a beak is just to drive the primary rail bands right off the nose. The thickness of the tip and taper of

the bands therefore determimine the shape of the beak. Thicker tip, wider band equals big beak; thinner tip, narrow

bands equals smaller beak. Just watch for exploding the stringer (if you have one). Almost no fine sanding of the

beak when you get it right.

Not for those that are faint of heart with their planers, but I get the impression you’ve been doing this awhile.


Yea I was there, does’nt mean I remember and I was one of the first to lose the beak. The ones I’ve been doing look pretty good, I know Fitz used longer ones and it is dependent on the thickness, have been doing them on some thrusters as well, it’s a good way of keeping some thickness through the nose. If anyones got some pictures I would be stoked to have a look, thanks for the answers so far, J.H. Have been lowering the rockers generally.

Hey John,

Well, you know the saying goes…“If you can remember it you were’nt really there!”

I remember this much:- as a grommet checking out the pro’s boards on the hill in front of the double-decker bus at Bells…I don’t remember if they still had beaks in 1984 man, but I remember a “Free Glide” with bent fin tips. One of yours I think…

All the best with the beaks.


Bruce Jones and Dick Brewer beaks…

…why do a beak nose? for the look may be; because you dont need a beak to keep nose thickness

I do the fishes without beak and maintaining the thickness

-also, the new public in surfing, think that the shaper shapes a boat not a surfboard…


good luck

heres a shot of a retro gun

sorry missed the tip

Heres the whole board

The board I had wayne lynch shape me came with a beak that goes back flat 2". Looks really great.

i have a 6’8" byrning spears with a short 3/4’’ beak

Thanks John, they are nice looking boards, I think I like the Bruce Jone’s nose better, it’s more like I’ve been doing, cept for the last one. I like it[the beak] a little flatter, sharper then Bruces, see how the glass lap is sort of half way along the beak, that’s what the glasser did’nt like. I did the last one steeper for one of my orders and the lap fits nice, but I don’t like it that much and to Reverb, Mate it’s definately about look, I think there’s a different market out there to mainstream throw away thrusters and I’m just starting to muck around with things, digging it too, thanks, J.H. Any one got any pics of Reno’s 70’s models, what I can remember they were long , sharp and flat, very sexy looking at the time. The beaks that is.


yesterday a customer who wants a fish (and saw other just finished) told me that with a beak looks like retro and without one looks modern…!

According to the website, it’s an early thruster shaped in 1982.

“Shaped by Greg Clough designed by Simon Anderson.”

hey hary

wouldnit be good if the beak took off it might fck up yhe propeler heads & the china

&i would be able to come out of the closet ive been disguisingmy beaks on the kids boards they dont seem to worry