How can I make a board *heavier*?

I like my Sup’in logs heavy and, in fact, can’t ride a board less than 25 lbs.  as a result, i’ve got a couple of them in the sub 20lb range gathering dust in the garage (and i’ve got a new custom board on its way to me that i think the shaper may have made too light, sigh, but that’s another story).  then i got to wondering how could i add 5 or 6 or 7 lbs toa  board that’s finished already?  anyone here have any ideas?

i first want to test things and see if the weight addition makes a diff on the boards i have now. a friend suggested i buy some ankle weights and somehow temporarily afix them to the nose and tail.  what do you think?  i’m a little concerned about how the weight being located in two positions, for and aft, instead of throughout will impact things.

assuming i like what i feel, any easy way to put on some pounds more permanently?

(please, i beg of you, let’s not get into the whole pro-sup / anti-sup ordeal.  i ride a SUP cause i love em and also because i have a disease that makse laydown surfing impossible [and it’s that same disease that makes it so necessary to have the extra stability that a weighty board offers]).



disease is good.

opening doors to heavier boards

also brings durability and momentum

perhaps back to justifiable goodness.

The trend to lighter to a fault is a long time coming,

with lightness also came fragile equiptment

that just doesn’t have a coasting/glide efficency

exhibited in period boards from the mid sixties

which were at 25# plus considerably lighter than the contemprary and 

older school solid woodies…

that said the way boards were made to last at rincon shoreline impact 

as well as steamer lane cliff banging was double overlapped rails.

MORE GLASS LAYERS aka tripple deck ,tripple botton,I-beam.

the other add on was PIGMENT yes solid opaque thick coat of resin

sometimes doubled up to get a board to weigh as much as 40#

to smoothe out the drop at windy choppy

wintersurf at spots notorious like sunset and steamer lane

as well asother local favorite spots

that funneled offshore winds like a fire hose…



as far as add-on weight for weight’s sake

the tow in guys were into add on lead encased in insertions nose or tail?

add weight to rails or centerline locations are all fine tunings

sure to garner opinions adinfinitum…

the disease I have the justifies weighty and deuable and pigmenty boards

is all in my head,I am also alergic to crowds and leashes.


nothing rides smoother

than a 35# board

in 25mph offshore winds,

nothing worse

than being blown

out the lip on a chip,

or marshmallow.

Lead weight±+Adhesive±+Lead/N2295/C1982.oap?mn=Perfect+Equipment&mc=PWT

But I really think your need for more weight in a SUP is screwy.  Its not the arrow, its the archer…

Dip it in concrete

thanks for the link to those weights, everym.  will check em out.

ambrose: i’m with you on that, brother.  in the photo below, my current board (aka supig v1) weighs in at 31 lbs and it’s a rocket ship on the wave.  the board on the upper right weighs 20 lbs and is just too damned light for me; it’s one of the ones i want to try to make heavier.  the orange board is supig v2, which is on its way to me now and im afraid will need weight added.  we shall see.  thanks for weighing in (ha ha)!

Yep, that’s what we need…heavier sup’s in the lineup.


1 / no heavier than what ambrose rides.  or the guys in the 60s rode.

2/ didn’t i beg of you?

My two cents (although I don’t use a SUP for waves, only for cruising): I shaped my first one out of a polyurethane blank, not EPS. Although the final product is definitely heavier than most EPS/Epoxy boards, the glide and inertia are definitely better as far as cruising is concerned.

…" i ride a SUP cause i love em and also because i have a disease" …no pal…no. NO…NO@!

…so you are the only person in the world that has a health issue…and for some reason I must give you special treatment…fuck no.

If you can ride a SUP you are better off than many of my friends and family members…time to re-think …no mercy here…can you walk? Drive a car?

I’ll stop now…I give rides to a person that has not driven a car in 5 years…Ray.




boy, tough crowd here, as expected.  but getting back to the original question.  short of coating the thing in cement, how could i add 5 lbs or so of weight to a board?

edit: okay, i think i’ve answered my own question – lead sheets.  see:

i can tape em along the center line for test purposes and put em under the pad for more permanence.  anyone see anything misguided about this as a solution?

i await your further barbs and slings, as well as perhaps a helpful actual answer or two.

Drill a hole in it and fill it with water?

good one!

just re-glass the bottom in either 4oz-6oz or 9oz volan cloth

don’t do the lead thing

I did that in the early 70’s experimenting with the concept of “swing weight”

I would silicone seal a bunch of fishing weights to didfferent parts of my board to see if it helped with drive and carrying momentum after the bottom turn

should’ve been working with the fin more like Bill said instead


Considering it’s for a sup, I would look for a deck pad material that had some weight to it. Possibly one that had some absorbement qualities to add the weight you desired. It would be relatively easy to strip and switch out until you reach your goal weight. 

I use lead scuba weights for shaping weights.  Not the hard ones that thread on a belt, but the ones in a pouch, filled with lead shot.  This would be an easy to add weight to the board.  just tape some of these dive weights to the deck wherever you think they should go.

This is a no-brainer. Glass it.


thanks, all.  i really appreciate the answers.  very helpful to my cause!

You can use volan, or not. It won’t make much difference in the weight. 4 oz is 4 oz, no matter which finish/binder is on the fabric. Same with 6 or 8/9.


That was my first idea/solution. If the OP is any good at laminating, it seems adding a layer or two of glass would be the simplest and most uniform way to add weight. Of course, if you have zero experience with glassing your brand new toy could be ruined.

Though I can’t see how you could “ruin” an SUP, if you catch  my drift.

Go get some Dynomat , its heavy and will stick to anything .