how deep are your "U's"?

just putting the finishing touches on my shaping stands and the “U” part is 17" deep…

i set my shortboard in there and the rails don’t even come above the top…

how deep are your “U’s”?

i’m thinking they should be more like 10" for shortboards…

I’d suggest that a U that’s about half as deep as the board is wide, or slightly less, will be what you need. Only just deep enough to keep the board stable.

Most of the time the U is just some carpet, easy to shorten that up to any depth. When you’re working the rail near the nose, it’ll always be too deep; just let it stick out past the stand.

Umm, is this for shaping or patching?

thanks for the reply Honolulu.

this will be for shaping.

what you said makes sense, so i am now thinking

about making them about 8 1/2" or 9" deep.