How did he get this curve ?

How do you think Mr. Simler came up with this curve ? It seems like some sort of 'everyboard ’ travel template.

Would it be a section of a parabola ? Seems to alter for different  rocker shapes depending where his base mark is.

gilberto has such an amazing voice.


I thinks this one say's it all. Get the shape right first. This is off subject however we have all these builds on swaylock that are not bad. It's sad we don't put more energy into the shape?

methods, methods, methods...

i recently saw a photo inside Cole's shaping room and he had a bunch of rail profiles up on the wall.

he seems very calculated with his designs.

That's a ''drive section'' rocker template. At least that's what Pat Rawson called 'em when he showed me the technique (thanks, Pat!). Since it would be a decreasing radius curve, it could be done as a section of a parabola. Easier maybe to just copy a few reference boards and have a set. Then by sliding them around like Cole is doing, you can match up to just about anything and put reference marks, etc. 

In making a set of ref curves, your technique for pulling a rocker template off an existing board would be very handy. I’ll be doing that next week.  Many thanks.

Funny because when Pat was at my shop to check out some scans I did for him he checked all his cuts with his rocker jig. I have been using them for over 4 years and thought that's how everyone does it?

There's lots of ways to do it.

Rawson showed me the drive templates a long time ago. I've done demos with him where he used them.