How did they do this?

I was looking at a few of Tyler Warrens boards and was wondering if anyone knew how he laps his boards (example below).

How did they get that smooth uneven line? its easy to create a line the same distance from the rail, but I’m not sure how he did this. Any ideas?

Was it pre-painted or are those laps?


Probably used a template. Looks like a longboard nose section

Just tape it and cut it.  Guys used to do stuff similar to that on single fin down railers in the early 70's before  better glass came along that could be free-lapped. 

Looks like an opaque deck lam.   Deck was probably glassed first. A good tape off guy could do this freehand but a template may have been used. We use to do tapered lams like this a lot in the 70’s.