How do I find the best FCS fin for me?

I’m looking for information or some kind of review comparing the different models of FCS fins. I would rather not go out and buy a bunch of different sets just to weed through what might be right for me and of course in the ads they are all just varying degrees of perfection.

I’m sure there are certain fins that are better for certain applications, but I’m betting the majority of surfers out there don’t regularly change fins based on the swell of the day, but instead just grab their board and go. So it would seem that a usable all-around style would be best for most of us.

Are the carbon fiber and other space age materials really worth the extra $$$ for the “average”, (non-pro), surfer?

Anyone know of a non-biased rating and appraisal review, or if you have comments and/or first hand experience it would be great to hear.

for my money the best “bang for the buck” in fcs fins are the newer glass filled ones (they look whitish-yellow). the entry level molded black (or solid white) ones are pretty crappy. The carbon fiber ones are stiff and work well but are overpriced, unless you pick them up second hand (not hard to do). the painted fiberglass ones I didn’t care for at all. texalium fins - fancy tin foil why pay for that. I would suggest you try a set of m5 in the glass filled and see what you think. They do still have free trials at some surf shops, too.

I also would suggest you try some proteck fins. They make a clear semi-flexible one w/ red edges that I have enjoyed the heck out of (comes in both fcs and futures base) and if you happen to run someone over with it, less damage done.

just one opinion and your mileage may vary. I’m sure every fin made has someone who loves it!

FCS offers test drive centers where you can try different sets and combinations. Locate one near you

(probably through their website) and go test away. They’ve got enough fins to keep you busy for a while.


For my own part I really dig the glass fins. My favourites are the MR-TFX twinnies with trailer. I also use the glass sidebites for longboards and 2+1 eggy type setups, work like a charm, got the three tab fish keels which are also good and speedy…

I dunno bout the fancy carbon stuff, never tried em, probably won’t as I don’t think my surfing or local conditions require it or would benefit at this stage.

Go to the test drive guys, give em a shot.

One of the most progressive foils that I have seen in the fcs is the Yu. Slightly thicker on the foil with an all around template. Sides slightly bigger than the rear trailer. Take some sand paper and round the inside edge a bit. Glass Flex is a good inexpensive option. Of course they will only work if your board and you are the correct size.


Howzit cj3, When the YU’s first came out they weren’t in to much demand but over the years more and more surfers are liking them. The YU’s offer the most flex in the FCS fin inventory, can’t keep enough in my stock.Aloha,Kokua

I like the glass filled yu’s for my short board and the glass filled m5’s for my semi-gun. At first I thought the m5’s were a little too stiff but now that I’m used to them I get a lot of punch and response from them.