How Do You Make A Leash Loop?

Looking around on swaylocks, I’m seeing that many of the fishes have these fiberglass leash loops. How exactly do you make one of these?

Two ways.

  1. take a some cloth and cut a few peice about 5" and 2" wide and pull the long strands out of the weave. Tape one end to hold the roving together and saturate it in resin. lay it over something round like a pencil on the sanded surface of the board. Cut off the tape and spread the ends. When resin kicks slide the round object out.

  2. take piece of fin panel and cut an out side segment of a circle from it. Put it on like you were doing a glass on fin and when it’s all cured drill a hole through it and counter sink the hole.

Good Surfin’, Rich

and this goes on the finish sanded hotcoat?

…you also make it onto the lamination…

Jelly Belly,

Halcyon more or less summed it up. Method 1, is the true leash loop. Method 2 is the shortcut and not even close in terms of coolness.

You can do it on the lam, but usually you’d do it after you hot coat. BUT YOU MUST sand the area where your loop ids goinf with some 60 grit to remove the wax and provide a surface for the loop glass to stick to.

IDo as Halcyon says, but spread out the ends of the bases of the glass to provide for a larger area of grip. i also add an hourglass patch over the whole loop.

Here’s a pic or two of my first loop i ever did. Though I did about two practice ones on old boards. this loop is on a 10’6 monster.


I would do it after your hot coat so you don’t pull up the whole deck if the loop gives out

A straw works great as the resin does not bond so well to the plastic and leaves a nice round whole