How Do You Make Your Own Surfboard Wax?

So, anybody got any secrets about how anyone of us Swaylockers can make our own WAX?


yeah, there’s a thread on this in the archives…good ol’ Roy Stewart gave us his secret recipe for all natural surfboard wax. i haven’t tried it yet, although i’d like to.

Pretty sure ambrose C III - gave his too.

I save all my old wax, wait till I have a bunch, melt it down, throw a piece of bubble gum it it, pour it in old tuna cans, and wax it up.

bubble gum, bazooka

1st make a fire

2nd get some wax

3rd get the molds ready

4th you begin anew every time

good batch bad batch

afteer a while

you know ship

and you can outsource

to a third world

… hmmm … … third world surf wax featuring soylent green …