How do you manually measure/create tail and nose profiles?

Im trying to make a fish tail template but i want to make sure the tail is exactly symmetrical as possible or as close to it. How is this measured out?

Ive already made one fish 5’4 minnow from t2s templates. Working on the 2nd but want to ensure i measure more accurately this time and go for more symmetry.

How did they originally lay out different nose profiles and tail profiles to make templates? Measure from center line?

Thank you!

not sure I understand the question, but a surfboard template is typically only one half the board, from the stringer to the rail. Flip it over for the other half - guaranteed symmetry!

(Barry Snyder and the Templates of Doom!)


From what I have seen, and what I do, is just take the nose piece of the template, pick your distance of crackage, and trace the curve from the template nose to that point keeping the same angle on both sides.  You results may vary.  

I think what i should have done is just done a template for the boardin boardcad. i just dont want to get the angle off and have them angled a few degrees off centered etc…


im going to make my own brd file next time and then i think it willsolve my problems.

 Shape the entire board but don’t cut out the swallow until the very end…I mean the VERY end.  I use a keel fin for a template.  Put one part on the corner of the tail and the other on the stringer.  Move it around until you have the depth of cut that you are looking for.  Trace out the curve.  Put a couple of pencil ticks on the fin where it hits the corner and stringer, flip it over and do the other side.  Voila, a symetrical swallow.  Other fins might work better depending on how deep you want to cut and the  width of your tailblock (pod).  I like the keels because it just seems synergestically symmetrical…

That, sir sounds absolutely perrrrrfect. What a great idea!!! How didn’t I think of that! Kudos!