how do you pigment?

i wanted to make the board i am making an all retro greenish color. dont want to airbrish though. does anybody know how to pigment. if so could you please give me some instructions.

One color, mix it in your lam resin.

Two colors, first color squeegeed into the foam, after taping it off. Second in the lam resin.

Light colors are easier to get than dark colors when your starting out, too. Yellow is good. Look up cut lap in the archives. mike

A little pigment goes a long way…if you are going for the light tints, add just a little at a time til you get there, it is easy to over do it the first few times.

If you want to see the stringer, you’ll be pigmenting the foam, with the stringer masking taped off…

If not, as Lee said, just lam it [mix the pigment thoroughly with the resin, add catalyst, and squeegee it on…]

good luck !


If you are talking about the old opaque green 60’s style glass jobs they are done with a cut lap.The pigment was mainly white with green added.We actually used to use blue and yellow to make our own green.Good opaque glass jobs can be tricky for a beginner,you have to get all of the runs,pools.drops etc. off when doing the last squeegee pass. RB

Ya, since its your first one, make sure you dont use too much. Its tricky because the tiniest amount will do the job, so start off with barely any and keep adding. One color shouldn’t be too bad as long as you make sure the pigment is fully mixed in before you lam. No matter what, it will be cooler than just a plane white board anyways.