How long between layers

Hi I do my second top layer straght after my first layer then my hot coat about an hour and a half later. When I do the hot coat the glass layers are still very sticky. Is this too soon or is it OK

the lam will always be at least somewhat tacky. Adding the hot coat will not affect the lam job because the chemical reaction of the catalyst in the lam layers will still fully kick. In fact it actually takes at least a week and maybe longer for the reaction to fully cure!!. If you are concerned about cure times use the UV resin for your lay up. Cures in minutes.

first of all, you should glass both layers at the same time and then you can hotcoat as soon as the lamination is set enough that you will not move it by pushing your hotcoat brush on it.

I am in the United Kingdom will UV resin work with constant cloud cover.

Heh… sorry, but that is kinda funny. Technically, UV still penetrates the cloud layers, though slightly attenuated. It would be a great experiment. I’d be interested to hear how it comes out - though with all the UV users around here I’m sure someone has glassed on a cloudy day. You might concider using UV resin with catalyst.

YES!!! UV will kick if the sun is not present. Just takes a little while longer, but the cure is the same. So go ahead and have no fear. As i stated somewhere else adding MEKP is a waste. Drew

Howzit Swifty, I find it’s better to let your lamination cure for at least 24hrs before hotcoating. Seems to make the deck harder so it won’t dent easily. Aloha, Kokua

Hi Just one more question. I am going to do a design in acrylic over my sanded hot coat. My hot coat was a little thin so I think a second layer is due will it be OK to hot coat over the design. Will I not get any seperation at a later date. Thanks for the tip on the UV resin will see if my local supplier has some. Cheers

So, has anyone come up with a solarium for curing surfboards ? That’s about the only thing solariums would be good for. Bye.

Swifty, o problem re-hotcoating over acrylic. HOWEVER I would take all the paing that you will bu using and test it so as to make sure it is compatible with the resin. Drew