" how many ANTS does it take ...

     Howzit resinhead, Now I am already laughing just thinking about what happened an I am sure that by the time he picked it up or tried to he realized that somethig was wrong. I am one of those lucky ones that don't react to their bites like some people are and boy if you have ever seen a person sell up from a bite it is something unreal. I lived in Hawaii for over 20 years before I got bit and I knew it was going to happen 2 days before it did due to a little intuition and I even knew where I would get bit. Then one morning I got up and walk into the kitchen to make coffee and afterwards I am sitting in the dinning chair and there on the floor is a dead centipede that I had just stepped on and killed him and never even knew it at first. That house had a lot of them but the next 2 houses I never saw even one in. Hate those little suckers. Aloha,Kokua

when i was living in kona i stayed with my uncle and would sleep out on the his lani and one night i woke up to the nightmare of have one on my head as it just stung me, it scared me more than anything but didnt hurt to bad and i had a bump on my head for a couple of days but not to bad, i guess thats the price you pay for living in paradise



 1]  ants in resin  [a medicine cup 'moulding'] stay more recogniseable as ants , than when flattened / dismembered by a roller , used when laying up a fin panel.

 2]  resin seems to melt them , turning them into a black , gooey mess  in a flat panel , rather than when they "float' in a small 'bath' of resin , without cloth to restrain them ...

 3]  only a few ants needed in a panel for each fin [ I DEFINATELY overdid the number of ants ! ]

  4]  it's a bit too easy to get dry spots during the lamination , EVEN when using lots of resin , as the ants [? or , maybe the wood flecks ?  or , both ? ] seem to either discharge gases? or air bubbles or lumps or something? , which from time to time seems to prevent the resin sticking ....

 5]  it's all a good LEARNING experience for me , so that 'IF' I attempt this again , I'll hopefully have a better idea what to do , the next time ....









  ...it will be interesting to see when they are templated , cut out , foiled , and sanded , how recoverable / usable they will be as fins , and how recogniseable [if at ALL ??] any 'ant bits' may be ???


   ....to be continued .....


  ben [i'm adam ant to complete this task ....one day ?! ]

Hmmmm, maybe the air is ant farts you squeezed out w/ roller presure

Kind of  a weird idea there Chip, but I’m sure there will be plenty of people stoked on the idea.


Have you seen this on erBB?

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I think Resin head should glass one of his seal pup kill’s head into a SUP and cruise the La Jolla Cove area…

Thanks for reminding me, Mr. R.Head.

THAT was an unpleasant experience… luckily the thing ONLY bit me in the hand, I wasn’t actually trying to brush my teeth.  I just walked into the fairly dark bathroom and saw something long and dark in the sink, and (half-asleep) thought it was my toothbrush, so I picked it up.  When it bit me I of course dropped it (into the bathroom sink); it immediately tried to crawl down the drain hole but I trapped it (halfway out) with the stopper… then I beat the crap out of the little bastard with the wooden handle of the toilet plunger.   Then I “untrapped it” and the other end was still alive (even though I’d made burger meat out of the visible half) so I beat on it as well.  My hand hurt for days… made it hard to surf, too.

(Buddist monk I am not.  If that was somebody’s ancestor reincarnated, they must have been an unpleasant person in prior lives.)


 Okay , so the fin panel has now been released from its glass backing . It doesn't look such a gooey black mess , now .....


[most of the gooey pulverised ants floated off to the taped edges area]




....this almost  '3D'  effect came about as a result of ants being trapped in the roller , depositing themselves in every 5th layer I rollered . So , from memory , until about ? maybe 20 layers ? into the panel there were still ants . [ Normally , I would just do a material inlay , or any colour work , within the first inner 5 layers of a panel , with side fins ...usually at the 3rd layer in , mostly , just to try to standardise my results a bit . With double-foiled side fins  [or a back fin] , the colour or inlay would be in the middle one or two layers of a fin panel ]




 Okay ...


  I did a second fin panel today with the remaining ants and resin . So now I can hopefully get two decent sized side fins [and maybe a coupla 'supercharger' or slightly bigger sized one-tabbers too ?], out of the two panels .....

[this time it had silver foil under the glass under the fin panel , instead of black plastic .... hence the different colour look to the panel ...but it IS clear really , trust me! ]


"...ahhh YESSSSS , Dr. Strange  ! ....the experiment seems to be coming along nicelyyyy!!! "

  [ " I'll  just have to be careful not to fart , what with my big head being in such close proximity to my big arse , and all " [...which just sounds like an english soccer team , to me ?]


[and now I  really MUST go to bed , as I think I'm losing the plot ...  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  out ..............]


Ben, no worries about farting.  Just don’t inhale!!!

Wood_Ogre wrote:

"I did my wife in resin and keep her in a dark corner in the back of my shop. Nobody has noticed yet, I just tell everyone that she is visiting relatives overseas. I keep my stepson in a vacume bag underneath the vacume bench behind a stack of balsa wood ! Life sure is peaseful now ! "

Mike are you SURE life is peaseful NOW?

Did you consider moving the resin effigy CLOSER to the BBQ area?????. Definitely would have been a very colorful scene.

I enjoyed this subtle  thread, but just did not have the time to comment.  We have re-located to Thaliand from the States and have just set up a business of surf, golf and sports wear. Hence, I am researching this GREAT site, when time permits.

We live on the beach in one of the coastal towns and have discovered a boat shaper who  says can shape me boards from local woods in T/Land, Laos and Myanmar and they are great woods. He'll even do for the shop bamboo fins. In a year's time (or less) they'll be stocked. And, I'll be STOKED and ready for the summer rush. It's the monsoons now.

Lucky, it did'nt take much to persuade the wife and boys to move. So, I can't say I'll set her in concrete together with Epoxy

Your're a COOL  GUY Mike


You know what the saying  goes about :)     FOXES SMELLING THEIR OWN >>>>>>>??????????



     Howzit Keith, Did it swell up on you since if it hurt that long it sounds like you maybe sensitive to their bites. I have n=been bitten a few times and in a half an hour there is no more pain and I never swell up from the bites. The ones that will rally hurt are the blue ones and they usually don't get to big but they really pack a punch. The brown ones get big but don't hurt as much when bitten by one of them. I had a friend who said that when he was in Viet Nam in the jungle he saw one that had to be at least 5 ft long and was hanging over a tree limb,I called BS on him but he swore on his life and he was not a liar as far as I know and we had been friends since we were 11. The way I look at it anything is possible in the jungle and that is some wild jungle there. Aloha,Kokua



You know what the saying  goes about :)     FOXES SMELLING THEIR OWN >>>>>>>??????????





nup , what ?


[surprise me...]

 okay .... now , getting back to the " ant inlay " fin panels ....

 Here is the template I decided on ....




re: " how many ANTS does it take to make a fin panel " ...???


  ( answer .....


" I don't know ......but it only takes one ant man ! " )

...meanwhile , back at the ant fins farm....










 They are still to be foiled , obviously . This was just to check the tab thickness and depth ....






               ..... to be continued ....

awesome chippy, i will have to start experimenting.

....please do !!


  and post photos of your 'fly' fins when done , eh , mate ?


  cheers !