How much Lamination Resin ???

I am about to laminate my first board and am scared as hell. How much resin should I mix for each side? I am doing a 6’0’’ X 21’’ board with 6oz cloth. I just don’t want to waist any resin. Please help.

First few lams, you gotta use TONS of resin, drip on the floor, slather off the board with a squeegee, and have tons to spare. Maybe a total of about 2.5 qts.

After say…5+ lams, you can start being more economical.

If you decide to be a miser now, you will blow it big time.

Thanks alot I had no idea how much I would need. Thanks.

Will I need as much of the Hot Coat and the Gloss? Thanks again.

One quart of hot for both sides.

Just less than a pint of gloss for both sides.

Great I will have just enough. Thanks for being so helpful.