How much resin for 11' SUP?

I have shaped my 11’x28" sup and can’t figure out how much resin I need. I’m planning on glassing two layers on the deck and one layer on the bottom. I’m using 38" warp lite 6 oz. cloth from surfsource. I’m going to use ss 2000 epoxy resin and ss 2h30 hardener from surfsource, I just don’t know how much to use.


I have seen many pages on this site that talk about resin amounts, but not with my specific epoxy and cloth. Also, i see different amounts on each page from a half gallon to 2 gallons, so it is getting confusing.

two thoughts: first, I’ve learned that I am a terrible glasser and will therefore end up using more glass than pros or even marginally competant glassers. a lot more. almost double. the fact that you are asking this question would suggest to me that you might be in the same boat. second, I have yet to let fly a string of explatives because I had extra glass leftover after I glassed a board. on the other hand, when I run out of glass…

if its any help a 1.5 gallon kit will net an SUP and a shortboard in our shop all the way through with some change.  But thats obviously with a bit of practice.

It's not a surfboard. Why do surfboards have two layers of cloth on the deck?.....heel dents and duck diving.

SUP's have a full deck pad where the rider / driver is standing. No heel dents and no duck diving.

one layer top and one layer bottom. Get some friends to help with the lamination so you don't stress out. It's can always mix up more as you go!...let's see.....I think you will need about this much resin________.



i would do two layer or aleast a layer with a patch around the standing area.  You will still get alot of heel dents even with two layers and deck pad. also it depend on if you plan to only use it in flat water or take it to surf and is it a 1.5# foam or 2# foam?  One layer on the bottom is really too little for surfing, i buckled one of my sup on a head height wave. i said about 1.5-2 gallon aleast but you can aways do the deck first and guage how much you use and determine if you need more.  

I've done 6 SUP's now three 12'ers, 11'er, 10'6'', and a 10'er all 1.5lb. The first 2 12'ers had only double 6 on deck and bottom and that schedule there were dents being made from knees. So I added a 4oz. patch in the traction pad area to beef it up. That 4oz. made a huge difference. If the person know's how to start on feet and not knees then the double 6oz. would have been fine. As for resin used, I went with a recommended resin/glass ratio I got off Swaylockians here: for the lamination= yards of single layer cloth X total weight of all layers in yard X 1 to 1.25 so a 11' is 3.667 yards if you use double 6oz. for bottom its 3.667 X 12oz.(6+6)= 44.004(X1) or 55.005(x1.25). Total resin needed is resin and hardener together. RR epoxy is 2/1 ration. So take 44.004 divided by 3= 14.668 that number is your hardener then times that by 2 and you get 29.336 oz. which is your resin amount for bottom. At 1.25 you get 18.335 hardener and 36.67 resin. I used the multiply by 1.25 and that formula was pretty damn acturate for my skill level which is not a pro level by no means. I used the same with the hotcoat too. Of course a pro lammer would probably use less especially using a wet out table. I plan on trying the wet out table to see how much i can save seeing how these SUP's suck of resin and cost out the ass to make.

Totally agree with Dwight on using a laminate/wet out table.  I have try both the normal way(laminate on top of the shaped blank) and using the laminte table and transfer the wet lam to the shaped blank. You still use about the same amount to wetout the fabric but you end up with a lighter board b/c not all the epoxy when into the board.  All this is assuming you have a good amount of space to have a wetout table and a glassing rack. 

I've used all of the 1 and 1/2 gallon kit on a 10'8" x 32" SUP. Spackled eps with double 6 oz top and bottom, fill coat, and "gloss" coat (Greenroom Resin polishes to a nice satin finish).   Good luck.      brian

Misconception right there.

We SUPers are much harder on decks than prone surfers. We spend 2 to 3 hours standing each session, while prone guys spend 30 minutes standing in 3 hours of surfing. 6 times the abuse. 

We learned quickly, that what works prone, falls apart in a SUP. Like elephants trampled the deck. We also put our knees thru the deck knee paddling and taking waves head on. Can’t duck dive these monsters.

We use the same lam as prone, plus a carbon deck patch hidden by the deck pad. This seems to be the best compromise of deck durablity and weight for a custom 1.5 EPS blank.

It might seem crazy, but trust me, this way is easier for a newbie. I can do an 11 footer with 2000 grams. That’s 100 grams shy of 1/2 a gallon (resin poured, not including harder).

I used 1 1/2 gallon Apex epoxy on mine… Expoy cost me $79.   2 layers 6 oz on both deck and bottom and fill coat… I wanted it strong as I plan to surf it…  

Gallon and a half usually does this pretty easy.  Be careful not to be sloppy though.  There isn’t a ton of room.


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Dont let the negative people bring you down to their level.  Keep up the good work and share your progress/photo.  Im plan to build my second sup in a couple month. have fun.