how much resin?

my board is 54" by 20". Since i havent glassed before, could someone give me an approximation on how much resin to use for laminating one layer? gloss layer? also, is it safe / ok to put gloss resin over laminating resin after the lam resin cures without doing any sanding?

Hi Skinhumboldt

Glad too see you giving it a go.

(if using poly resin)

First off resin amounts for a 5’4" as its your first atempt you want to make sure you have enough resin to waste same on the floor, its better to have extra resin go off in the bucket than run out while your wetting out the cloth.

Id a 4 kg can of lam resin and 1kg can of gloss will be enough to do the whole board, get a 5kg can have some spar then when the boards finished make some fins.

I’d use about 600ml/gramms or 20 fld oz on a board that size for each side to be savfe, than as you get better you can reduce the amount, once your more expeirences I’d say 12oz would be enough.

the lam coat acts like glue to stick the cloth to the blank, but this will always stay a bit sticky, when this has cured you dont need to sand but you will need to tack down any lumps and bumps and slope the edges of the lap lines with a surform before moving on to the next side.

don’t forget if your doing 2 layers of glass on the deck to increase the resin amount slightly if you came up short on the other side side, you’ll only need like an extra 100ml/4oz,

then tidy up the laps on the other side.

When the lam coat is finished you need to do a HOT COAT, this is the same as the lam resin but you add 2% by vol of wax in styrine to the mix, the wax rises to the surface blocking off the air and gives a hard sandable surface.

the hot coat fills in the weave of the cloth and allows for sanding.

once the board has been sanded you can then do a gloss coat, its best to sand the board to 100-120 grit so the gloss has something to key or grip to,sand too ine andthe gloss willrun off or slab wich is very bad