How much RR epoxy?

How much Resin Research epoxy/Add. F is needed to glass a 6ft shortboard with a schedule of 6oz+6oz deck and 6oz bottom?


Generally 1 to 1 1/2 ounces per foot, per layer. Depends on your experience working with it. Unlike poly, you mix more if you need it.

This will be my first glass job. Will 2 pints resin along with a pint of Add. F be acceptable for lam and hotcoats?

Greg gives some good amount recommendations here:

I’m assuming you have the necessary amounts of hardener for that resin?

search “epoxy” and read “Epoxy & EPS Construction Primer”, which will answer all you resin research epoxy questions.

I can tell you now though, that you’ll need more resin. Especially if this is your first board, you’ll use/waste more (which i recommend the first few times til you get the hang of things).

When you say you have 2 pints resin and 1 pint add F, i hope you’re not thinking that the add F is the hardener…add F is the surfacing agent used to aid in sanding (amoung other things) and you don’t use that much per board.

Let me clarify, I do not have any resin/add f. I’m trying to calculate how much I must order from RR. According to the RR price list, hardener is included in the Project 21 system, correct? 1 pint Add F looks to be the minimum you can order. Thanks always for the help.

just order the gallon and a half set, if you plan on doing a few boards i would get the quart of ADD. F(you can make it with xylene and parrafin wax), you might also think about getting a 5lbs. postal scale(to get your mix ratios perfect) they run from about $20 to $50, other than that stick to Greg L.'s construction primer (it hasn’t failed me yet in almost 200 lams)